Área 8

El parque más nuevo dentro de los Parques de Conservación de Halton es el anteriormente conocido como Cantera Kelso, y temporalmente conocido como Área 8. Desde finales de los años 50 hasta mediados de los 90, la zona proporcionaba piedra caliza como uno de los mayores productores de áridos de Canadá. En la actualidad, la antigua cantera se ha transformado en una hermosa zona natural, enclavada en la escarpa, con senderos que recorren el exterior. La fauna ya ha empezado a regresar a la zona, con especies como la libélula viuda, la rana arbórea gris, el halcón de pico fino y el patiamarillo mayor que utilizan el hábitat restaurado.

Area 8 is officially closed for the season.

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Closed for the season

5437 Steeles Ave W
Milton, ON

Do I need to make a reservation to visit?
No, reservations are not required to visit Conservation Halton Parks; however, they are recommended. By booking in advance, you can guarantee your spot and save on gate fees. Reservations can be made at parkvisit.ca.

Are visitors allowed to swim at Area 8?
Currently, swimming at Area 8 is only permitted through our Wellness Series open-water swims. You can learn more about our Wellness Series here. We look forward to establishing a swimming beach at Area 8 in future.

Is fishing allowed in the lake at Area 8?
We do not allow fishing at present as we are working to stock the reservoir. Once fish counts and size reach levels to support fishing, this will become an available activity at the park.

Is boating allowed in the reservoir at Area 8?
Boating is currently allowed at Area 8, but through Conservation Halton boat rentals only. You may add a single or double kayak or a canoe rental to your weekend reservation.

Do I need to book a boat rental in advance?
We strongly recommend booking your boat rental in advance as boats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To book in advance, add your boat rental selection to your park reservation at parkvisit.ca

How much are boat rentals?
Boat rentals range from $22 to $32 for an hour-long time slot.

Why don’t you allow outside watercraft at Area 8? 
As Area 8’s reservoir is currently free from invasive species such as zebra mussels, limiting the use of boats to rentals only helps to ensure that bilge water or debris from other bodies of water are not accidentally introduced at Area 8.

Are dogs allowed at Area 8?
Yes, dogs are allowed at Area 8 on-lead (dogs may also swim on-lead). Area 8 is home to many species of waterfowl and other birds, so we require that visitors keep their pets on-lead at all times unless otherwise posted.

Why is Area 8 open on weekends only?
Area 8 is a new park that recently opened to the public. We intend to update the park’s hours in future as the space continues to develop and visitor demand rises.

Correo electrónico: visitorservices@hrca.on.ca