Escuela de Ciclismo de Montaña de Kelso

More 2024 mountain biking program information is coming soon!

The trails are calling your name and there’s no better time to learn than now. Our team of MTB Instructors are here to introduce you to the trails, develop your skills, boost your confidence, guide you on epic rides, and help you become the rider you want to be! Program offerings will target new riders and seasoned trail users. We will even have programs specifically designed to assist riders with improving their abilities for the Kelso MTB Race Series. This year we are proud to offer NEW programs! Read below for more details.

MTB Programs

Private Lessons

A private lesson is a great way to build your skill and confidence while working one-on-one with an instructor. The individual attention allows each lesson to be completely catered to your skill and experience level. Lessons are two hours in duration. Those whom wish to add a friend or two can do so easily and build their own small group.

For questions and inquiries please email


Our Try MTB program is designed for those that have never mountain biked before and are unsure if it would be something they would enjoy. Come out for a 1.5 hour session where you will run through some very basic trails guided by one of our certified instructors. The focus of the ride will be more on guiding and less on teaching. This will also be a good time to ask our instructors any questions about mountain biking you may have!

Rental bikes are available if needed.


Our fundamentals course is designed for those who have very little experience and are looking to either get into the sport or improve their riding! This is a 4 week, once a week 2 hour program. The skills learned are essential to tackling the trails and are taught at a manageable pace, using easier terrain. Riders are introduced to green single track trails and will work towards riding easier blue trails. By the end of this program you will be stoked to continue your mountain bike journey!

Riders joining this program are expected to be a beginner rider as per our rider ability chart found below. Riders are also expected to have decent levels of fitness as there is quite a bit of riding in this program. Rental bikes available if needed.

Finding your Flow

Finding your Flow is for riders who are comfortable riding blue trails and some easier black ones. This is a 4 week, once a week 2 hour program. While you may not clean every line you try, you are far from new to the sport! The goal of this program is to break bad habits, improve your riding and make you more confident on the bike to maximize the fun! Over the course of the program you will use both blue and black level trails to improve your riding.

Riders joining this program are expected to be an intermediate rider as per our rider ability chart found here. Riders are also expected to have a good level of fitness as there will be a lot of riding in this program.

Kid Rides

This program will give your kids four, 4-hour sessions on Sábado mornings where they will run through lessons, games and overall have fun! Riders will be split into groups based on skill level and each group will be led by one of our certified instructors.

MTB Rider Level Assessment

Level Abilities
Green Circle
  • I am comfortable riding a bike.
  • I have ridden on the road, sidewalk and some gravel/dirt paths.
  • I have not ridden on rocks, roots, steep sections or tight trees.
  • I have limited time riding uphill’s and downhills.
  • I want to get comfortable riding my bike in the forest, and learn skills to assist.
Blue Square
  • I have ridden my bike off-road and in the forest.
  • I can ride over and around rocks and roots.
  • I make it up long climbs most of the time.
  • I want to increase control over my bike on all types of terrain.
Black Dimond

  • I can maneuver up, down, around, and through rock and root filled sections of trails.
  • I enjoy the downhill sections and can make it back up afterwards.
  • I want to develop the skills to ride into all unknown trail situations and be able to comfortably ride through to the other side.
Double Black Diamond
  • I can find the most efficient path through technical sections of trails.
  • Steeps, fast sections, and slow sections are all things I can manage on my rides.
  • I want to increase my speed on trail and ensure I can ride everything.


Kelso MTB School Terms and Conditions

Kelso MTB School 

  • Conservation Halton reserves the right to remove a participant from the program if warranted for behavior or program safety concerns. Refunds in this situation will be issued at the Schools discretion and are not guaranteed. 
  • Conservation Halton reserves the right to cancel programs if registration does not meet our minimum registration numbers. 
  • The birthdate of the participant must match the program birthdate requirement on the first day of the program. 


Day Passes, MTB School, 4 Week Programs and Private Lessons 

  • All rates, hours of operation and dates are subject to change without notice. 
  • For tickets purchased online, the ticket purchaser must be present at the time of redemption at Conservation Halton along with the e-mail confirmation, valid photo ID, and the original credit card used for the purchase. 
  • A valid CH day pass or season pass and proper mountain bike equipment are required when participating in any program hosted by the Kelso MTB School. 
  • All ticket holders and pass holders must adhere to the Rules and Recommendations of Mountain Biking. 
  • Conducting business on CH property without expressed written consent, and appropriate permit, and paying associated fees is strictly prohibited and may result in the cancellation of your day pass or season pass without refund. 
  • Pro-rated refunds may be considered due to dpcumented medical reasons only. 
  • All MTB School Programs require the purchase of a valid CH Vehicle Pass or day reservation if applicable (parking a vehicle on site). 
  •  MTB School Programs are non-transferable. 
  • MTB School Programs may only be attended by the individual named on the lesson registration. 
  • MTB School Programs cannot be shared or split between people. 
  • There are no refunds or make–up classes for missed lessons. 
  • Please ensure that you select the correct level for your ability.  Students who enroll in programs that are too difficult or too easy for their actual skill ability will need to be moved to appropriate programs.  If space is available, this move will be made and any difference in price will be charged. If space is unavailable, the student may need to be unenrolled. A refund will be provided, less a $50 administration fee. 
  • Should lessons be cancelled for any reason Conservation Halton will offer a make–up lesson date if possible. Should it not be possible to offer a make–up date, a pro–rated refund will be offered. Refunds will not be available in cases where a student is unable to attend a make–up date. 
  • Refund requests and changes to lesson program registration must be received 21 days prior to the start of the registered program. A $50.00 admin fee applies. 
  • No refunds less than 14 days (2) weeks before the first day of the lesson program. 
  •  Pro-rated refund requests due to medical reasons can be submitted to 

Mountain Bike  

  • Helmets are always mandatory for any MTB lesson or program. Please ensure it is a bike specific helmet (no ski, hockey or other kinds of helmets are permitted). 
  • We do our best to run no matter the weather so please dress accordingly. 
  • Closed toed shoes are mandatory (no crocs or sandals). 
  • Participants must provide own Mountain Bike or complete rental bike request form from the program confirmation email.  
  • Participants must have a bike in good working condition with properly working brakes and gears. It is highly recommended that bikes have disc brakes (hydraulic or mechanical). 
  • Road, gravel or cruiser bikes, as well as bikes with coaster brakes are not suitable for any lesson or program. 
  • Participants who arrive with a bike not in good working condition, at the discretion of the instructor, will not be allowed to participate. 
  • If possible, a rental bike can be provided for the duration of the lesson at the expense of the participant. This is dependent on rental availability and is not guaranteed. 
  • Refunds will not be provided for anyone who is denied participation due to arriving with a bike that is not suitable. 
  • If your bike breaks during the lesson, your instructor will do their best to repair it with their limited supplies carried on hand. You may be charged a fee if any items are replaced such as tubes and bolts. 
  • Due to the nature of group lessons, attention needs to be evenly split between all participants. Because of this if your bike is beyond repair by the instructor, no rental will be able to be offered. 
  • During a private lesson, if your bike breaks and is beyond repair by the instructor, a rental bike can be administered if possible. This is dependent on rental availability and is not guaranteed. Lessons will not be extended in the case of acquiring a rental bike. 
logotipo de instructor profesional de bicicleta de montaña

La Escuela de MTB se enorgullece de emplear a profesionales de PMBI. Todos los programas están dirigidos por instructores certificados.