Support Mountsberg’s Farm Animals

Mountsberg Conservation Area is home to dozens of farm animals, including donkeys, chickens, bunnies, goats and horses.

Programs at the Mountsberg Animal Barn give visitors the chance to meet our furry and feathered residents and learn about their personalities, their best friends and favourite foods, and the stories behind how they came to live with us at the park. These interactions bring joy to thousands of people each year and inspire children, youth and guests of all ages to get to know animals that we don’t always see in our cities and suburbs.  

The Mountsberg Animal Care Fund directly benefits our farm animals. Donations are used to help our animal caretakers support the costs associated with both day-to-day animal care and special projects at the farm, like creating new paddocks for our Belgian and Percheron horses. The fund also helps us welcome new residents to Mountsberg each year.

Please give to the Mountsberg Animal Care Fund today!

collage of goats, chickens, and a miniature horse with text overlay that says mountsberg animal care fun

How Your Gift Makes a Difference

Your compassion and continued generosity towards the animals at Mountsberg have helped us with the following on the farm:

  • Providing our farm animals with regular and emergency/age-related veterinary care, nutritious diets, and lots of space to roam, interact and play.
  • Carrying out preventative tooth care on our rabbit Storm to ensure he can continue to enjoy life comfortably and healthy.
  • Purchasing a new hay feeder for donkeys Jenny and Emma, which has helped to reduce food waste.

Across the park, our fund has also lent a much-needed wing to the Raptor Centre, allowing Mountsberg to provide a new home to Alistair the Tawny Owl and JJ the Spectacled Owl who came to us in 2020 from the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre after they restructured their program.

Every donation makes a difference in the lives of our animals. Show your support today by making a gift to the Mountsberg Animal Care Fund.