Kelso Mountain Bike Race Series is BACK for 2024!

Come conquer the trails with us at the Kelso Mountain Bike Race Series starting in 5月! The 2024 season starts 5月 14, 2024 with the last race on 八月 20, 2024 before the finale on 八月 27, 2024. With twelve races in total, some of the best climbs in southern Ontario, and multiple distances/categories, the race series is a great addition to training programs and a fun way to challenge yourself to achieve a personal best. 





New for 2024 is an additional race category; Intermediate. Intermediate will sit between Sport and Novice in terms of difficulty and complete 2 laps of the Novice Course. 

Sign up for the series (twelve races + finale event) and have access to as many races as you want, or sign up for individual races whenever you are available. We encourage everyone to sign up for the series as it’s such a great value and it makes signing in each week so much easier. 

REMINDER: Single racer registration closes the night before each race. 


2024 Rates

Become a Conservation Halton member and save! Renewal discounts are also available for current members. Please contact Visitor Services for more details at visitorservices@hrca.on.ca or 905-878-5011.

Sign-up for all 12 Races and the Finale Night at one amazing price point, plus get a race series t-shirt!

Race Series – Novice, Sport, Expert (All Weeks)

$185 +HST (until 5月 25)
$222 +HST (starting 5月 26)

$275 +HST  (until 5月 25)
$330 +HST (starting 5月 26)

Beginner Series (All Weeks) 

$85 +HST (until 5月 25)
$102 +HST (starting 5月 26)

$135 +HST  (until 5月 25)
$162 +HST (starting 5月 26)


Single event entry and single day park access. Please note single event riders will NOT be included in season end standings, even if you race multiple events.


$33 +HST

$38 + HST (Does not include gate fee – pay in advance online or at gate on day of race)

Kids Race Series (All Weeks) 

$60 +HST

$60 +HST (Does not include gate fee – pay in advance online or at gate on day of race)

2024 Nightly Schedule

时间 活动 地点
5:30 pm – 6:30pm Sign-in and Plate Pick-up
(no registration at this time)
6:40 pm 儿童和初学者比赛开始 West of the Patrol Building
6:45 pm – 7:00 pm 比赛开始(波浪)。 膨胀椅的底座
8:00 pm (approx.) 抽奖活动 西边小屋的天井


Racer safety and trail health are of top priorities for the 星期二 Night Race Series at Kelso. Our races run so long as we can operate with confidence that these priorities can be supported that evening based on trail conditions and weather.  

Knowing our rider community gets excited about racing, we made some big changes for 2024 and increased the number of races throughout the season.

Our 星期二 Night Race Series will consist of twelve races over four heats. 

Each heat will be comprised of three race nights followed by a Make-up (Flex) Night. Should we be able to run all three races in a heat, the Make-up (Flex) Night will serve as a break for riders from racing and no formal race will be held that evening.  

However, if conditions are unsafe for a race the Make-up (Flex) Night of that heat will serve as a make-up race date and a race will be held on that date.  

  MTB Race Dates:  Registration Night:  07-5月 
Heat 1  Race 1  14-5月  Heat 3  Race 7  09-七月
Race 2  21-5月  Race 8  16-七月 
Race 3  28-5月 **Cancelled Race 9  23-七月 

Race 3

04-6月  Flex 3  30-七月 
Heat 2  Race 4  11-6月  Heat 4  Race 10  06-八月 
Race 5  18-6月  Race 11  13-八月
Race 6  25-6月  Race 12  20-八月
Flex 2  02-七月  Finale  27-八月

Race 1: 5月 14, 2024 Novice/Intermediate Course
Sport/Expert Course
Race 2: 5月 21, 2024 Novice/Intermediate Course
Sport/Expert Course
UPDATE: Race 3: JUNE 4, 2024 

**Please note that as the 5月 28 race was cancelled Race #3 will take place on the 6月 4th Flex Date for Heat 1 **

Novice/Intermediate Course
Sport/Expert Course
Race 4: 6月 11, 2024 Novice/Intermediate Course
Sport/Expert Course
Race 5: 6月 18, 2024 Novice/Intermediate Course
Sport/Expert Course
Race 6: 6月 25, 2024 Novice/Intermediate Course
Sport/Expert Course
Race 7: 七月 9, 2024 Novice/Intermediate Course
Sport/Expert Course
Race 8: 七月 16, 2024 Novice/Intermediate Course
Sport/Expert Course
Race 9: 七月 23, 2024 Novice/Intermediate Course
Sport/Expert Course
Race 10: 八月 6, 2024 Novice/Intermediate Course
Sport/Expert Course
Race 11: 八月 13, 2024 Novice/Intermediate Course
Sport/Expert Course
Race 12: 八月 20, 2024 Novice/Intermediate Course
Sport/Expert Course
Full Season Point Totals CLICK HERE










The intermediate category will complete two laps of the Novice course, roughly 12 to 16 km total. An intermediate rider should have the ability to tackle harder blues and easier blacks, while having the endurance to complete the two laps. Intermediate riders should also have the ability to overtake slower riders safely, with proper notification and a pass that does not impede the other rider.  


Riders considering a move to the Sport category should be finishing in the Top 10 of the Novice category. A move to Sport will be roughly the same distance, but will involve much more challenging terrain. Riding the full course on a non-race night is highly recommended.  







Kelso MTB Series kicks off with the first race on 5月 14, 2023 and runs every 星期二 until the last race on 八月 20, 2024. The finale will be held on 八月 27, 2024.


Kids Race – A dedicated short track that targets young riders. The course is exceptionally easy, rideable on run-bikes and nearly every other options. Parental assistance is encouraged if needed and the focus is on fun and accomplishment.

Beginner Race – A dedicated short track that is built for newer riders that want to build some skill and participate in a race environment. We recommend a minimum of a 20″ wheel as well as a handlebar controlled front, and rear brakes.

Novice – 1 lap of our full course. This is a great category for younger riders, or riders with less stamina or ability. You will ride with the sport and expert riders, but you will have your own separate start. The single lap makes this an easier full race option. Keep an eye out for the Novice Race Cut-offs on course!

Intermediate 2 laps of our Novice course. This is a great category for riders who have stronger endurance, but aren’t quite at the skill level of the sport riders. You will be on course with all the riders but have your own start time. Keep an eye out for the novice and intermediate cut off signs!  

Sport – 2 laps of our full course. This is typically our largest categories with a wide age and ability range. You should have the ability to manage 2 laps of the course without depleting your energy level to exhaustion. 2 laps may take you 45 min to an hour and 20 min. Sport riders should be more confident riding at faster speeds and comfortable with the 12 to 16 km (approx.) in length.

Expert – 3 laps of our full course. This is our most advanced category. Most riders in this pack have previous race experience, and can ride laps at reasonable speed with relative ease. Riders should be comfortable riding the longer distances at greater speeds. Expert riders will typically finish between 45 minutes and 1 hour.


  • Kids Lap = approx. 250m, ride as many laps as you can in 20 minutes
  • Beginner Race = 1.5 – 2 km, ride how ever many laps you can in 20 minutes
  • 新手赛=以比赛速度跑完全程(通常为6至8公里)一圈
  • Intermediate = 2 laps of full course (roughly 12-16km) at race pace 
  • 运动赛=以比赛速度跑完全程(12至16公里)2圈
  • 专家赛=以比赛速度跑完全程(18至24公里)3圈



*在极少数情况下,如果存在安全或公平竞争问题,我们会强烈 "建议 "骑手提高或降低一个级别。

We have been proud to offer a FREE option for our newest riders for several years now and continue to do so in 2023! Kids wishing to come and try their hand on the kids loop are still welcome to come and do so for FREE. Those wishing to join us for the whole season, have their laps tracked and receive a draw ticket each week for some amazing prizes are now asked to pay a fee of $60 to cover some basic costs. If you wish to race for Free, please come out to the start line and keep pace with the other riders! We won’t track your laps, but the focus is on having fun! If you decide you want to compete, you can always sign up in future weeks! You may sample the race as often as you would like.


Uh oh! Such is life… this does happen. If you happen to forget your race plate, we will replace it for you for a fee. Each replacement chip/plate is $10. Come see us at the Visitor Service desk on race night and we can re-issue you a plate.

Our race season runs for the weeks scheduled.


  • 太湿,太泥泞,或被水覆盖,无法安全骑行
  • 比赛开始时,有活跃的雷声或闪电。
  • 例如,如果下午3点开始下雨,而雷达显示该地区到晚上即将有暴风雨,并且预报显示有同样或更糟糕的天气,我们将主动取消比赛。

New for 2024 – we have introduced our race series as through 4 heats with a make-up Flex evening in each. As an example, if race #1-3 were to be cancelled, the Flex Date for the first heat (6月 3) would serve as a formal race counted towards end of series point totals. If all races 1-3 ran as planned, the Flex Date would be a break from racing with no formal race on that evening. Check the schedule above for the most up to date information on Race Schedule.

This page is your best and most frequently updated resource and will be updated whenever decisions on race cancellations are made. For more info, follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Follow us on social media (@ConservationHalton) and we will provide updates on races through the day. We will also post final decisions to our website, but will only do this once a decision is final. Race cancellations are made with our best available detail / forecasts by 4:30 p.m. on race days. We would only cancel a race after 4:30 p.m. for emergency reasons such as an un-forecasted thunderstorm.


All Full Series Riders who register before Week #3 will receive a Race T-Shirt. We will issue these mid-season (early 八月). Wear them with pride!





The trails are calling your name and there’s no better time to learn than now. Our team of MTB Instructors are here to introduce you to the trails, develop your skills, boost your confidence, guide you on epic rides and help you become the rider you want to be! Program offerings will target new riders, and the seasoned trail user; we will even have programs specifically designed to assist riders with improving their abilities for the Kelso MTB Race Series.






Available through Parkpass Reservations to Kelso Summit

Lessons: $120 Additional Person: $35 per rider Add a Bike Rental: $39.99 **Does not include HST