Mountsberg Raptor Centre

The Mountsberg Raptor Centre is committed to the health and safety of the birds in our care. We are actively monitoring the situation with Avian Influenza (HPAI or “bird flu”). At this point the centre remains open, however, we are asking all guests to take proactive steps to help us protect our birds. We ask that guests change their clothes and footwear prior to visiting if they have been in direct contact with domestic poultry or waterfowl or have been in an area frequented by wild waterfowl. For more information on preventing the spread of avian influenza, go to Avian influenza A(H5N1): Prevention and risks – 


The Mountsberg Raptor Centre, located within Mountsberg Conservation Area, is an education facility that houses both Ontario native and non-native birds of prey. The centre strives to cultivate respect for birds of prey both in captivity and in the wild, to teach visitors about the biology of these birds, and to educate about human impacts on wildlife and positive actions guests can take in their lives to benefit animals and the environment.   

Mountsberg’s raptors are permanent residents. The Mountsberg Raptor Centre is neither a rehabilitation centre, nor a falconry centre – our goal is education! Some of the birds who reside at the Raptor Centre came from rehabilitation situations where their injuries prevented a successful return to the wild. Other residents were raised in captivity. Our number one consideration when deciding if a bird will become part of our centre is our ability to provide that bird with the highest level of welfare possible. It is our hope that by meeting our birds, our visitors will gain a greater respect and understanding for birds of prey in the wild. 

Note: Pets are not permitted within the Raptor Centre building, in the netted presentations area, or anywhere on the raptor trail. Service Animals may be restricted from Mountsberg programs that include live animals, such as the bird of prey programs and horse-drawn wagon rides. Please contact the park in advance for details on how to make your visit accessible, at 905-878-5011, or e-mail

Other Events

Bird of Prey Presentations

The Raptor Centre trail is open and guests can view birds in their outdoor enclosures. Check out what raptor experiences are currently being offered.

a raptor handler holds a barn owl while a young girl gets a close up look


Lens to Beak at Mountsberg Raptor Centre

Our photo shoots offer an incredible opportunity to get “lens to beak” with Mountsberg’s beautiful raptors. Whether you are a casual photo-enthusiast or a professional photographer you will enjoy this opportunity to capture images of these awe-inspiring birds. Raptor Centre staff work with our feathered ambassadors in natural settings to enable you to get the best possible shot.

three women photograph an owl that is perched on a tree stump

Choose from one of the following options:

Hosted once a month (Saturday or Sunday mornings), this one hour program is limited to 15 people and will give you the opportunity to photograph four of our resident raptors in a variety of natural settings.


$40 (+HST) per person plus Gate Fees.

Private shoots can be booked at any time by contacting Mountsberg Visitor Services. Raptor Centre staff will work with you to customize your shoot to make sure you get the shot you want! Call 905.854.2276 ext. 3300 or email for more information.


$40 +HST per person plus gate fee (minimum $300); up to 15 people.

Hawk Walks

Experience having a free-flying hawk fly and land next to you! During this private 45-minute program, you will join our Raptor Centre staff and one of our trained Harris’s Hawks for a walk through a picturesque field setting.

For more information and to book a program, please click here.

Volunteer at the Raptor Centre

Volunteering at the Raptor Centre is not for everyone. It involves hours of cleaning, scraping, scrubbing, raking, hosing, more scrubbing, more scraping, mowing, and more. It also involves being outside in the winter cold and the summer heat, preparing food animals (rats, rabbits, chicken, etc), and even more cleaning. While volunteers are not guaranteed any experiences with directly handling a bird, it is definitely a possibility for those volunteers who put in the time and effort.

  • Be able to commit to volunteering a minimum of one day (at least 6 hours) per week for a period of no less than four months
  • Be at least 18 years of age and have a reliable form of transportation to a park not serviced by public transit
  • Be friendly, attentive, and respectful of the resident birds, ready and willing to work hard, and have fun!

Sound like you? Email for more information!

Adopt a Raptor

The Raptor Centre at Mountsberg Conservation Area has been providing educational and entertaining programs since 1994. We currently provide a home for more than 30 birds of prey from 15 different native Ontario species, many of whom have permanent injuries which have left them incapable of surviving on their own in the wild. Often, these injuries are caused by human activity, but with the help of these feathered ambassadors, you can learn about how to share our environment with native birds of prey, and how to reduce the negative impact we might have on them.