Conservation Halton Holidays Hours 2018

Conservation Halton’s Administration Office will close for the holidays as of 1 p.m. on Monday December 24th. Walk-in services for permits and planning will close as of 12:30 p.m.

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The Grindstone

The Migration Issue of the Grindstone is here! Click to read.

In this issue, you will travel to Hamilton Harbour with us to watch where the walleye go, and from northern to southern ontario with the black bears—migrants due to climate change. We will then get on our bikes and ride through our neighbourhoods, and past the newest neighbours, the coyotes, who are making suburban communities their home. After we have acquainted ourselves, we will travel with scientists through-out recent history to define the Anthropocene, the Human Era, in Crawford Lake. While at Crawford Lake, we will visit the Three Sister’s Garden and meet the seed-keepers who protect the ancient seeds with illustrious histories of their own. Lastly, we will hike through the Nassagaweya Canyon, and learn about the escarpment through a paintbrush, and how science and art are united.