Halton students learn about water conservation and stewardship at 2018 Halton Children’s Water…

The 13th annual Halton Children’s Water Festival (HCWF) was held from September 25 to 28 at Kelso Conservation Area in Milton. This year’s festival welcomed more than 3,600 students between grades two to five from across the region. The annual event brings the classroom outdoors to help educate children in a fun and engaging way about the world’s most precious natural resource - water.

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The Grindstone

The Adaptation Issue of the Grindstone is here! Click to read.

In this issue, you’ll meet a couple who are using goats to control invasive plant species on their property. Then, we’ll look at how some species have adapted to roadside habitat—to their detriment. Once we’re off the road, we’ll take you up on the roof to install solar panels. You’ll find out about how citizen scientists are using rainy day data to contribute to climate research and then, after the rain has passed, you’ll dig around in the dirt, breath in some bacteria and be healthier for it. We’ll learn that literacy goes beyond the alphabet, find out how lichen could function as a climate change indicator and come face to face with challenge, change, and rock climbing.