Strategic Plan


The current strategic plan, Momentum, will use the previous successes of Conservation Halton to create a greener, more resilient and connected future for our communities through a renewed commitment to excellence into 2024. Through this strategic plan, we will continue to use science to protect and conserve our ecosystems, engage and empower our community through education and experiences and expand our network of parks to provide our growing communities with access to nature. Internally, we will continue to focus on organizational sustainability, invest in more digital innovation that supports our core operations and provide more opportunities for our talented and passionate staff to create their own success.


The former strategic plan, Metamorphosis, started a process of transformation, differentiation and growth for Conservation Halton. The focus of this strategic plan was to modernize our operations through technology, embrace creative solutions for more streamlined service delivery, collaborate more effectively with our partners, position us to become leaders in conservation and create the capacity for future transformation. By the time Metamorphosis reached its end in 2020, Conservation Halton had become faster, more agile and more streamlined as an organization.