Mountain Biking

Whatever your skill level, mountain bikers of all kinds are sure to find their favourite trail at Conservation Halton Parks. Load up the trail-a-bike and bring the family to Mountsberg, get your adrenaline fix on the tight turns, steep slopes and rugged routes at Hilton Falls or choose your own adventure from the extensive network of mountain bike trails at Kelso.

  • Always wear a helmet! Skill level and trail difficulty do not determine if you crash.
  • Check to make sure your bike is in safe operating condition before your ride.
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks in case your ride is longer than expected.
  • Always carry a spare tube and tools that will allow you to perform fixes on the trail.
  • Use a map or an app to get familiar with the network of trails where you are going.
  • Respect trail closures (conditions, maintenance, events) and only ride open trails.
  • Do not ride trails during or immediately after rain, as this causes damage to the trails.
  • Don’t ride around puddles, as this widens the trail. Slow down and ride through them.
  • Stay on existing trails and do not modify or create new trails, including switchbacks.
  • If you are not comfortable riding a feature, walk around it, so you don’t create a new trail.
  • Be aware of daylight hours and ride distance, so you can be back before dark.
  • Always look and listen out for other bikers, as well as hikers, on the trails.
  • Always ride on the right side of the trail, so that faster riders can pass safely.
  • Pass on the left side of the trail and indicate your intention before you do so.
  • Ring your bell or use your voice to let others know that you are approaching.
  • When riding easier trails, yield to less experienced riders and give them a little space.
  • If you need to get off your bike and walk, stay to the side of the trail, so others can pass.
  • When another rider indicates that they are passing, respond to let them know it is safe.
  • Trying new trails and features is a great way to improve your skills but be reasonable.
  • Stay in control of your speed and technique for the safety of yourself and others.
  • Make sure to give wildlife and companion animals enough time and space on the trail.
  • Use caution around horses on the trail and ask the horserider for direction if uncertain.
  • Do your best to be positive, supportive and cooperative with others on the trail.

If the mountain bike trails are calling your name, we can help you answer the call. The Mountain Bike Instructors at Kelso are here to introduce you to the trails, develop your skills, boost your confidence, guide you on epic rides and help you become the rider you want to be! Programs are available for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. (We will even have programs specifically designed to assist riders with improving their abilities for the Kelso Mountain Bike Race Series!)

More information for 2022 coming soon!

Beginner (1): I am comfortable on a bike. I have ridden on the road, sidewalk and some gravel or dirt paths, but nothing with rocks, roots, steep sections or tight trees. I have spent a limited amount of time riding uphills and downhills. I want to get comfortable riding my bike in the forest. (Green Circle)

Intermediate (2): I have ridden my bike off-road and in the forest. I can ride over and around rocks and roots. I make it up long climbs most of the time. I want to increase control over my bike on all types of terrain. (Blue Square)

Advanced (3): I can maneuver up, down, around and through rock and root filled sections of trail. I enjoy the downhill sections and can make it back up afterwards. I am looking to develop the skills to ride into all unknown trail situations and be able to comfortably ride through to the other side. (Black Diamond)

Expert (4): I can find the most efficient path through technical sections of trail. Steeps, fast sections, and slow sections are all things that I can manage on my rides. I am looking to increase my speed on trail and ensure I can ride everything. (Double Black Diamond)

The Mountain Bike Team at Kelso is looking forward to the return of the Kelso Tuesday Night Race Series in 2022! We are proud to provide a fun, friendly and challenging weekly series and a unique, energetic hub for the racing and riding community, in accordance with public health guidelines.