Conservation Halton owns and manages more than 10,500 acres throughout our watershed, most of which is forested. These forests provide important economic ecological and recreational services for the people in our communities and the wildlife that live in these habitats.

The forestry team at Conservation Halton works to create and support healthy forest ecosystems through sustainable forest management, forest health monitoring and reforestation programs.

Reforestation, more commonly known as tree planting, has always been a key forestry program at Conservation Halton. During the last 60 years, we have planted more than 4,000,000 trees on our own properties as well as other private and public properties. This reforestation work has increased water, air and soil quality, reduced erosion, provided wildlife habitat and improved habitat connectivity.

Forest cover in the Conservation Halton watershed is 26 percent, currently, but provincial guidelines suggest that 30 percent forest cover is required to provide the minimum level of environmental services for a watershed to function. Each year, the forestry department plants about 100,000 trees and shrubs on our own properties, as well as other private and public properties, in our watershed in an effort to reach that target.

Conservation Halton is looking for landowners interested in planting trees on their properties.

Program requirements:

  • Minimum 500 trees to be planted may qualify
  • Minimum 0.5 acres of open land that can be planted
  • Willing to protect the trees from livestock, wildlife and machinery damage
  • Able to cover the remaining costs of the tree planting after subsidies
  • Eligible project types include afforestation, riparian, windbreak, and restoration
  • Willing to sign 15 year agreement stating you will not cut, harvest, or otherwise remove the trees from the planted area for a minimum of 15 years after planting

Forestry staff will conduct a free site visit and create a plan for your property. Staff will manage the installation (planting) of the trees and monitoring, tending and infilling at one, two and five years is included.

Conservation Halton can also help you access and apply to funding programs to reduce the cost of tree planting. There is funding available from several sources, including the 50 Million Tree Program from Forests Ontario’s (ending in 2022) and the 2 Billion Tree Program from the Government of Canada.

If you think your property qualifies for this program, please contact us as

Are you looking to purchase and plant locally-sourced native tree seedlings on your property? Each spring, Conservation Halton works with our suppliers to make tree seedlings available for purchase. Trees are available in late April to May (depending on seasonal weather conditions.)

Purchase requirements:

  • Minimum order of 100 trees is required (50 per species)
  • 50 percent non-refundable deposit is required at time of order

For more information and purchase requests, please contact us as

If you have a forest property, Conservation Halton offers free visits for landowners to learn more about your forest, find out how to improve the quality of your forest, and get information about government programs to save a percentage of your property taxes. Contact us as for more information.