Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a great way to explore the trails and take in the scenery at Halton Parks. Horseback riding is permitted at Hilton Falls Conservation Area and Robert Edmondson, Monday to Friday, year round.  Horseback riding is not permitted on weekends and public holidays. Helmets are recommended for horseback riders.  

Horseback riding is not permitted at Mountsberg Conservation Area. 

The trails at these conservation areas are shared with other user groups, including mountain bikers, hikers and trail runners. We ask that horseback riders be respectful of the park and others visitors so that everyone can enjoy nature.

Horseback Riding at Hilton Falls

At Hilton Falls, horseback riding is permitted on the Red Oak Trail (red), Beaver Dam Trail (purple) and Hilton Falls Trail (yellow). Horseback riding is not permitted on the single-track mountain bike trails or on the Bruce Trail.

Horseback Riding at Robert Edmondson

At Robert Edmondson riding is permitted on all trails.

Please review the following guidelines to keep you, your horse, and other visitors safe while on the trails.

  • Be responsible – Find out where horses are permitted and not permitted. Ensure you ride on marked, horse-approved trails. Obey trail closure signs. Do not make new trails or use unmarked trails.
  • Control your horse at all times – As the rider, you are responsible for managing your horse at all times. Never leave your horse unattended. Horses that kick, bite or spook on the trails are not safe on shared trails. It is recommended you ride with a more experienced horse.
  • Go Slowly – Enjoy riding your horse at a leisurely pace. Be especially cautious at trail intersections. Never gallop on the trails.
  • Remember you are in the forest – Be sure your horse is trained to cope with the unexpected. There are natural risks to your horse, including steep drops, and encounters with native wildlife as well as dogs. Your horse should be comfortable with unfamiliar places and situations.
  • Minimize impact on the environment – Leave the trails as you found them. Horseback riders are responsible for cleaning up after their horses either by kicking manure off the trails or by applying the ‘poop and scoop’ method. Failure to clean up after your horse may result in fines and/or park bans.
  • Right of Way on the trails – As the horseback rider, you have the right of way. Be sure to communicate with other trail users.  Call out a friendly greeting so your presence doesn’t catch them off guard.
  • Communicate with other trails users – Keep to the right when meeting oncoming trial users. If you wish to pass other users, call out and communicate to let them know. Pass in a single file on the left. If other trail users wish to pass you, help them by telling them the safest way to do so. 
  • Keep your dog at home – Keeping your dog leashed on a 2-metre leash while riding a horse is difficult. Please remember that dogs must be leashed at all times while in the parks.