Conservation Halton offers group camping to organized groups with 10 or more campers.  Group Camping is available at both Kelso and Rattlesnake Point. Site availability varies by season with some limits due to other park activities. Reservations can be made through Visitor Services by contacting us at or 905-878-5011 ext. 1273.

Camping reservations consist of:

  • Site Fee (per night)
  • Camper Fee (per person): Group Camping is available for 10 persons or more. A minimum of 10 people $12.00 / person will be applied to all reservations. Additional campers can be added to your reservation upon arrival.

Cancellations and changes must be made one week prior to your arrival date. A $25.00 administrative fee applies to all cancellations and changes. Adding campers to your reservation is not considered a change to reservation.


Sites: 14
Type: Tent camping only
Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall

Please note: Showers are not available.

Campsite Map

*Campsites are 25-39, 001-002 available spring and fall only

Site SizeSite NumbersNumber of OccupantsPrice
Large001 & 002Up to 75 $220
Medium25-31Up to 20$145

Rattlesnake Point

Sites: 17
Type: Tent camping only
Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall,
(Showers and washrooms closed October 15 – May 1, 2024)

Campsite Map

Site SizeSite NumbersNumber of OccupantsPrice
Large 730 to 75$220
Medium1, 2, 5, 6, 12 &13Up to 20$145
Small3, 8-11 & 14-18Up to 10$119

  • Please note that trailers and other recreational vehicles are not permitted at Conservation Halton Parks.
  • Check the forecast, pack for the weather and try to be as prepared as possible, just in case.
  • Drinking alcohol  of any kind in the parks is prohibited for the safety of yourself and others.
  • Please keep music at a volume level that allows you to speak to each other without shouting.
  • We ask that you please avoid any activities that could be disruptive to visitors at other campsites.
  • Propane and charcoal stoves and barbeques are permitted but must be monitored at all times.
  • Do not bring firewood into the park as it could spread pests. Wood can be purchased at the gatehouse.
  • Any and all campfires at the campsite must be thoroughly extinguished before leaving the park.
  • Use garbage and recycling bins or bring your trash home, and leave your campsite how you found it.
  • Make sure that stoves and barbeques have had time to cool before loading them back into vehicles.
  • Dogs and other pets are required to remain on a leash (no more than 2m or 6ft) at all times in the parks.
  • Do not remove flowers, leaves, mushrooms, etc. If everyone did it, there would be none left.
  • Be aware of rugged terrain, steep slopes, creek and lake shorelines and other potential risks.