Mount Nemo

Mount Nemo is a favourite among hikers in Halton Parks. Away from the crowds and the hustle bustle of the city, Mount Nemo is a peaceful sanctuary for nature walks. Pack a lunch and watch the Turkey Vultures float on the thermals while you take in the panoramic view of the escarpment. On a clear day you can see the CN Tower in Toronto!

Mount Nemo isn’t without detours into adventure and exploration. Explore the cave system and rock climb for a better look at the unique cliff-edge eco-system. Naturalists and birders are advised to keep binoculars, a magnifying glass, and a camera on them! Mount Nemo is teeming with biodiversity.

Spring/Summer at Mount Nemo

Spring/Summer at Mount Nemo Spring/Summer at Mount Nemo Spring/Summer at Mount Nemo

Mount Nemo is a small park, but there are big experiences to be had here! Mount Nemo is the place to hike away from the crowds of Rattlesnake Point or Kelso Conservation Area, and the location is perfect for a quick getaway to nature. There are five kilometres of trails to explore, and the views over the escarpment are breath-taking. Birders will love to see the Turkey Vultures floating on the thermals in a ‘kettle’. Mount Nemo is also a naturalist’s dream: in the spring and summer you’ll see bees and butterflies flying in and around the wildflowers. The unique cliff-edge eco-system is one of very few in Halton Region. Bring your favourite four-legged friend for a walk around Mount Nemo. The trails are challenging enough for a work-out, but friendly enough for dogs and children to enjoy.

If you like a little more adrenaline, and more of a work-out, try the rock-climbing routes at Mount Nemo. Rattlesnake Point isn’t the only place to rock climb in Halton Parks (and Mount Nemo isn’t as busy!). Do you like to explore and venture into rarely visted nooks and crannies? Explore and climb into the caves at Mount Nemo. After a long day of hiking, caving, and rock-climbing, end the summer day at the look-out point and watch the turkey vultures soaring while the sun sets on the escarpment.

Fall at Mount Nemo

Fall at Mount Nemo Fall at Mount Nemo Fall at Mount Nemo

Mount Nemo looks spectacular in the autumn. Bring your dog for a walk and watch the Turkey Vultures bobbing up and down on the thermals. The escarpment blazes with fall colours beginning in early October. Mount Nemo is so easy and convenient to get to from the highway; stop here on your day trip and hike the five kilometres of trails. The length of the trails are deceptive: there are still roots and rocks to challenge the keen hiker.

How do you feel about hanging off a cliff-face? Get your adrenaline and work-out in one trip to Mount Nemo when you’re rock-climbing the crag. Mount Nemo is quieter than Rattlesnake Point, so come here to get away from the crowds. If you like adventure, and like to explore without great heights, why not go underground and explore the caves at Mount Nemo?

To end your trip at Mount Nemo, unpack your lunch and enjoy a picnic looking out at the many resplendent fall colours.

Winter at Mount Nemo

Winter at Mount Nemo Winter at Mount Nemo Winter at Mount Nemo

Shutterbugs bring your cameras and your iphones! Mount Nemo is beautiful when the snow covers the tree branches and the trails. Capture your family Christmas photo when it’s softly snowing.

Take your dog for a walk on the trails. If you’re looking for a convenient location for a winter hike away from the crowds, come to Mount Nemo for a peaceful, tranquil walk in the snow.


Brock Harris Lookout

You’ll miss out on what Mount Nemo has to offer if you don’t go to the Brock Harris Lookout for the spectacular view over the escarpment. On a clear day you can see the CN Tower in the distance. Visit the lookout in all seasons for a new view everytime!


Mount Nemo is home to one of the rare cliff edge ecosystems and cave systems in Ontario. Wear sturdy shoes and explore the caves in Mount Nemo for a unique outdoors experience.

Park Hours

Winter Hours

8:30 am - 7:00 pm
October 11 - March 26

Summer Hours

8:30 am - 9:00 pm
March 27 - October 10


Park Address

5317 Guelph Line
Burlington, ON
Open in Google Maps

Mailing address:
2596 Britannia Road West
Burlington, ON
L7P 0G3

Tel: 905 854 0262


Adult (15-64)$6.75
Senior (65 & over)$5.75
Child (5-14)$5.00
Child (4 & under)Free

Your daily entrance fee receipt provides access to ALL Halton Parks for that same day. 

From Monday to Friday, Mount Nemo Gatehouse is unattended.  The park operates under a ‘self serve fee station’ and can only accept cash payments (debit and credit cards cannot be processed on weekdays).  Please arrive to the park with the exact entry fee amount and enclose the fee in the permit envelopes provided.

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