2018 Watershed Report Card provides a look at environmental health of Conservation Halton watershed

Conservation Halton have released the 2018 Watershed Report Card which grades the health of our watershed using four key measurements: Forest Condition, Groundwater Quality, Impervious Land Cover Surface Water Quality.

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The Grindstone

The Habitat Issue of the Grindstone is here! Click to read.

Habitat is all around us and it can mean so many things—the houses and apartments that we build, the streets, neighbourhoods, towns and cities that we design, the forests, fields, streams, creeks and wetlands filled with wildlife and the places where our habitats collide. Whether we are protecting our communities from flooding, preparing our homes for the effects of climate change or restoring natural areas to support endangered species, habitat is an integral part of conservation. This is why we decided to call this issue “Habitat.”