Camp Policies

Ways of the Woods Behavioural Policy At Ways of the Woods, campers are expected to show respect for themselves, others, the sites they visit, and the wildlife they encounter. Ways of the Woods Camp wants to ensure that behaviour is not something that detracts from our campers experience at camp.

A 3-Strike model will be used in dealing with behavioural issues. It will be the responsibility of our Counselors to ensure campers are aware of this model, as well as our expectations for keeping campers safe and happy while at camp. This model is not intended to provide 3 opportunities for poor behaviour, but rather is intended to help campers avoid repetitive behaviour issues or patterns.

3-Strike Model

All examples are intended to provide understanding; best judgment will always be used. Staff, Camper, and Group safety is the primary focus of this model.

Strike One

First occurrence (may be bypassed if the behaviour requires) Camper will be asked to sit out to have a break from the activity or situation. The camper will not be excluded, but rather provided with an opportunity to think and calm any frustrations they may have. The counselor will actively follow up with the camper during this time to discuss what happened and how to resolve the problem better. The duration of the break will be completely relative to the behaviour. The camper will be welcomed back to the group as quickly as possible. Examples: Group disruption, mild language, putting safety at risk, etc.

Strike Two

Second occurrence, or dealing with a more severe issue. (May be bypassed if required) Camper will be removed from the group setting again. They will be joined by their counselor and camp supervisor at a location where they can discuss the issues that they have experienced. The camper will be provided with our Camper Behaviour Contract in order to come up with a positive resolution. Parents will be contacted at this stage to ensure they are informed and able to assist. After discussing the issue, and agreeing on how to best move forward, the camper will be welcomed back to the group. Examples: Unwelcomed Teasing, indirect inappropriate language, destruction of personal property or wildlife, endangering him/herself or others, etc.

Strike Three

Third occurrence, or dealing with a very severe event. Having completed the behaviour contract, the counselor will remove the camper from the group and reflect on this document. The counselor, Supervisor and camper will phone the parent to discuss. The camper may be asked to leave the camp for the day or week. (A refund will not be provided). The parents input will be heavily considered; but staff, camper and group safety will be held as a priority. Examples: Directed bullying, aggressive body contact, theft, or other repeated behaviour as listed previously.

All Stages

At all stages within this process the counselor will speak calmly and openly with the campers involved. All parties involved will have their opinions heard and considered. Campers will be involved in finding the solution. The “Strikes” will not be used as threats. All behavioural expectations will be well communicated in advance. Counselors will complete an internal camp record or incident report for any incident at camp. This record will be forwarded to the camp supervisor and may be referenced if/when a parent needs to be advised on a situation. Counselors who reach the Second Strike with a camper will also complete a Camper Behaviour Contract with their camper. This form will be sent home with the camper for parents / guardians to review. A call will always be made to the parent or guardian prior to this form being sent home.


It should be noted that Ways of the Woods does not tolerate behaviour that is intended or perceived to be bullying. Any behaviour that appears to be targeted towards another camper, intended to injure, upset, or offend, or generally display a pattern that resembles bullying will be dealt with by proceeding directly to the course of action described under Strike Three.

Dealing with Behaviour

Ways of the Woods Camp Staff recognize that kids will be kids. This is to imply that Summer Camp is a place to play, explore, and learn. Our staff work hard each week to ensure campers understand what behaviour is acceptable at camp and what is not. These expectations are introduced to campers at the start of camp, and the culture of respect for everyone and everything at camp is fostered from that point forward. Our behavioural policy is not intended to be restrictive or prescriptive in how each camper is dealt with at camp, staff always use their best judgement and always work with their supervisors to ensure that everyone is able to have fun at camp. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to be in touch .