Stream of Dreams FAQ

Q. Who Participates in Stream of Dreams?

A. Schools (Kindergarten to Grade 8), Preschools, Festivals & Events


Q. What is the Cost for Stream of Dreams?

A. Program costs are being reviewed in 2020 to include pre-cut and primed wooden fish. Contact us for more information.

Q. What is the Location for Stream of Dreams? 

A. Our Stream of Dreams team will deliver the program at your school, educational facility or event.

Q. What Supplies/Materials are needed for Stream of Dreams?

A. Conservation Halton Provides:

  • a starter kit
  • a site visit to discuss the program and the agreement
  • two instructors for the duration of the program
  • drop sheets
  • paintbrushes
  • smocks
  • decorative paint
  • buckets
  • metal plaque for the mural
  • fence ties, varnish and all other supplies required during the painting workshops, in-class sessions and installation
  • recognition on our website


Q. What about Vandalism?

A.  We receive very few reports of vandalism, however it can occur to some degree on all murals. In general, vandalism comes in the form of people removing a fish or two to keep for themselves. The removal of a fish does not affect the beauty or effectiveness of the mural as stream awareness artwork. When you have a chain link fence with hundreds of charming fish, like a school of fish in a stream, lake or ocean, some are bound to disappear- perhaps caught by predators or maybe kept as a pet. But like fish in the wild, even though a few are lost or injured along the way, the school of fish and the Stream of Dreams carries on.


Q. What does my school do for Stream of Dreams?

A. Your school will need to do the following:

  • Provide a well-ventilated room, with access to water for the painting workshops.
  • Provide a 2nd room with appropriate facilities for a power point presentation
  • A schedule for the duration of the program (based on two 35-45 minute presentations with classes rotating through each concurrently)
  • Supply pizza boxes to dry the fish on during the workshops
  • Provide an appropriate location to store the fish prior to installation
  • Coordinate a minimum of one volunteer for each day of the painting workshops and a minimum of four volunteers for the installation date