Reserved Park Visit FAQs

Parks Notice (June 28, 2021): Please practice physical distancing, masks are encouraged. Washrooms are available. Please check our Experiences page to find out about ouor different park offerings.

How do I make a reservation?

From this point forward, parks visitors and members will be required to make a reservation prior to their visit. Here is how it works: After you have made your online reservation, and arrived at the park, you will drive up to the gate and stop. Your license plate will be scanned and the gate attendnant will validate your e-ticket. If there is any issue with your license plate, a gate attendant will scan the barcode on your ticket. Click here to reserve your park visit.

What if I want to bike or walk into the park?

Regardless of how you enter the park, you still need to make a reservation. The only difference is that you will show your e-ticket at the gatehouse, either printed out or on your phone, rather than having your licence plate scanned.

What if the day, time or park that I want isn’t available?

You can check to see if there is space at another one of the Conservation Halton Parks, and you can check back to see if we have added other days or times that work for you.

What if I need to cancel or make a change to my reservation?

Changes can be made up to 1hr prior to your visit time.  Click the blue link in your confirmation email that allows you to cancel/change your reservation . You are able to edit all aspects of your reservation: park location, date, time, license plate, # and type of admission fees, etc.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Refunds are provided up to 48hrs prior to your visit time.  Click the blue link on your confirmation email to change your reservation, or cancel it completely.  

What if the weather looks bad for my reservation day or time?

Reserved park visits are “rain or shine,” as many of our visitors enjoy the parks regardless of the weather. If a weather events requires us to close a park, reserved park visits will be cancelled, you will be emailed and refunds will be issued.

What if the reservation system isn’t recognizing my membership?

You will receive a membership card in the mail. Once you have purchased your membership you will receive an email within 24 hours with your membership number.

Are any of your indoor facilities open?

Indoor washrooms are available, retail shops are open with limited hours. Masks are required inside buildings.

Are washrooms open?

Indoor washrooms are open. Vault toilets are also open but we ask that you plan ahead for limited access. Masks are required inside washrooms.

Is there somewhere I can fill my water bottle?

We recommend you bring enough water with you.

What trails are available and what are they like?

Though a few of our trails are closed due to safety issues, almost all of our trails are currently open, and you can download a trail map for each of the parks on our website. You can also find our trails on the TrailForks app. We recommend reviewing the park and trails for length and difficulty prior to your visit.

How can I pass others, safely, on narrow trails?

When possible, you are encouraged to use wider sections of the trail (ie. rest areas, intersections, etc.) for passing, and speak up, kindly, to alert others on the trail. If needed, you can step off the trail, briefly, to allow another person to pass you. In general, please just be courteous, kind and patient.

Can I go swimming in Crawford Lake?

No, swimming is not permitted at Crawford Lake, as it is considered to be a rare meromictic lake and habitat for a number of species. Swimming in the lake, by you or your dog, would disrupt this unique, natural quality.

What parks can I go fishing at?

Mountsberg Dam, Mountsberg, Hilton Falls and Robert Edmondson have fishing available. There is no fishing at Crawford Lake.

What parks can I mountain bike at?

Hilton Falls, Mountsberg, Kelso Main and Kelso Summit will have some trails designated for mountain biking and some trails for both hiking and mountain biking. Please note that biking is not currently allowed at the other parks.

What about trail running?

Yes, trail running is currently allowed, but we ask that you please be mindful of how you use the trail and make sure to share the trail with others. If possible, please consider days, time, parks and trails that will be less busy and speak up when passing others on the trail.

What about rock climbing?

Rock climbing is currently open at Rattlesnake Point, Kelso, and Mount Nemo. Please make a reservation using and adhere to visit length. You may make back to back reservations to extend your visit.

What about horseback riding?

No, horseback riding is not currently allowed. We are looking into safe ways of adapting trails for horseback riding, but this will take time.

What about picnicking?

Kelso Main currently has picnic sites available for daily rental. Please visit to reserve your site or click here for more information.

What about camping?

Camping is not currently offered at any Conservation Halton parks.

Do you have any wheelchair or walker-friendly trails?

We have one accessible trail at Mountsberg Conservation Area. That being said, visitors can assess the accessibility of a trail for their own needs using the trail maps and information on our website.

Does my support worker need to pay in order to visit the park with me?

No. If you have a support worker that will be visiting the park with you, just make the reservation for yourself and then identify your support worker when you arrive at the gatehouse.

For additional questions, please contact Visitor Services at