Picnicking Rules & Etiquette

Picnicking Etiquette & Safety

Conservation Halton picnic sites are near sensitive natural areas that protect fragile plants and animals. It helps to keep your picnic site clean and to use the litter receptacles provided. Care should also be exercised when cooking with devices that are propane, fuel and charcoal.

Please review the Conservation Halton Rules & Requirements:

  • Picnic sites may have a maximum of 5 vehicles per reservation and 10 persons per picnic site.
  • Please park in designated parking areas, do not park on grass unless posted to do so.
  • Picnic guests may arrive at or after 9:00 am and depart from site and park boy or before 7:00 pm.
  • Gate attendants will check in each vehicle under the reservation.
  • Additions to picnic site reservations may be made up to and including the day of reservation.
  • Refunds, or cancellations must be made 72 hrs before the day of the reservation, no refunds will be possible after that time.
  • Please respect others enjoying the park. Loud music and disruptive activities may not be appreciated by your neighbouring sites. Keep music to a level that you can still speak over without shouting.
  • Picnic sites must be left clean; any damage or excess clean-up may results in an additional $100 charge. Staff can provide additional bags shoud you require them for your clean-up.
  • Dogs should be kept on-leash while on your site.
  • Cooking: Propane & charcoal stoves are permitted but should be used carefully and monitored at all times, some sites include a wood burning fire pit that may also be used for cooking.
  • All cooking heat sources should be thoroughly extinguished before departure.
  • Please exercise extreme caution when loading BBQ’s or Stoves back into vehicles. These items must be turned off, fuel sources disconnected, and given time to properly cool before packing your vehicle or driving.
  • Wood burning fire pits are available on some sites, firewood must be purchased at the park.
  • Ice is available for purchase at the Boat Rental.
  • Park Staff have the authority to ask you to adhere to rules during your visit, please respect the requests of staff at all times.
  • Conservation Halton Staff reserves the right to ask you to leave if you are unwilling to adhere to any of the posted rules, or for other issues that arise during your visit.
  • Misuse of membership or park reservation system may result in suspension or cancellation of membership, or park access.
  • Conservation Halton reserves the right to cancel park visits and Picnic Site reservations due to adverse site or park conditions. Should your visit be cancelled, you will be notified by email and any fees will be refunded.
  • Certain amenities (trails, beach, attractions, and activities) may be unavailable at different times of year or due to weather. Closure of these amenities will not qualify for cancelling or refunding reservations.

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