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Watershed Conditions Statement – Flood Outlook July 19, 2013

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MEDIA RELEASEFor Immediate ReleaseFriday, July 19, 2013

Environment Canada is advising that an unstable and humid air mass remains overSouthern Ontario until the passage of a cold front late today. This will create favourableconditions for the development of localized severe thunderstorms throughout theafternoon and evening today. Such storms have the potential for heavy downpoursproducing rainfall amounts of 50mm in a single hour.

While widespread flooding is not currently anticipated, our rivers and streams will beexpected to rise rapidly where such thunderstorms occur creating dangerous conditionson these watercourses. Our reservoirs are still in range of our seasonal levels and havestorage capacity available.

Conservation Halton is asking all residents and children to stay away from allwatercourses and structures such as bridges, culverts and dams. Elevated waterlevels, fast flowing water, and slippery conditions along stream banks continue tomake these l ocations extremely dangerous. Please alert children in your care ofthese imminent dangers.

Conservation Halton will continue to monitor stream and weather conditions and willissue further messages as necessary.

Conservation Halton will issue an update to this Watershed Condition Statement -FloodOutlook message only if significant changes in the forecasts occur. This WatershedCondition Statement will be in effect through to Saturday, July 20, 2013.

Note: A Watershed Safety Statement – Flood Outlook is an early notice of the potentialfor flooding based on weather forecasts calling for heavy rain, snow melt, high wind orother conditions that could lead to high runoff, cause ice jams, lakeshore flooding orerosion.

Conservation Halton began using new terminology in flood and water safety messageseffective February 21, 2012. The new terminology is being adopted by ConservationHalton, other Conservation Authorities across Ontario and the Ontario Ministry ofNatural Resources (OMNR). These changes will ensure their messages are consistentand in line with severe weather terminology used by other agencies such asEnvironment Canada and the Weather Network.

Conservation Halton is the community based environmental agency that protects,restores and manages the natural resources in its watershed. The organization has staffthat includes ecologists, land use planners, engineers, foresters and educators, alongwith a network of volunteers, who are guided by a Board of Directors comprised ofmunicipally elected and appointed citizens. Conservation Halton is recognized for itsstewardship of creeks, forests and Niagara Escarpment lands through science basedprograms and services.


Ray Guther,
Manager Watershed Engineering Services
Telephone: 905-336-1158 ext. 253

Norm Miller
Communications Advisor
Telephone: 905-336-1158, Ext. 233