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Reconnect with the great outdoors at 50 Things You Need To Do Before You Are 12 on August 18 at Crawford Lake and Mountsberg

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Hey kids, have you ever wondered what your parents or your grand-parents did for fun when they were your age? They probably spent a lot of time outdoors. They probably went exploring, or built a fort, or skipped stones on a lake, or climbed a tree.

Would you like to do those kinds of things? You can at Mountsberg and Crawford Lake Conservation Areas on Sunday August 18, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can spend the day trying a few of the activities that are not only lots of fun but will get you outside and active, at our event called: “50 Things You Need To Do Before You Are 12”. Regular park admission applies; Halton Parks members can show their pass for admission.

Conservation Halton staff will help you to learn how to use a compass, search for ancient artefacts, start a fire without matches or to skip a stone on the lake. It will be a great day full of family fun, and who knows, maybe you can prove you are the greatest stone skipper of all time!

About “50 Things To Do Before You Are 12”
In 2005 Richard Louv introduced us all to the dilemma of the disconnect between children and nature in his ground-breaking book “Last Child in the Woods”. He coined the term Nature Deficit Disorder which aptly describes the poor physical and emotional health of children and adults due to the lack of direct exposure to the outdoors.

At Mountsberg and Crawford Lake Conservation Areas, a program has been established to combat Nature Deficit Disorder. Based on a list created by the UK’s National Trust, the “50 Things To Do Before You are 12” event was created.

You and the children in your life are invited to join in and start checking things off your list at this event. It includes many activities that some old timers may remember doing as kids. All the activities engage children and their families with nature in a way that is sure to create long term family memories.

About Crawford Lake Conservation Area
Crawford Lake is located at the corner of Guelph Line and Conservation Road (formerly Steeles Avenue) 15 km north of the QEW, and 5 km south of the 401 in Milton. The pristine waters of Crawford Lake have drawn people to its shores for hundreds of years. The rare lake, with surrounding boardwalk, is nestled in lush forests atop the stunning Niagara Escarpment where visitors can watch soaring turkey vultures glide through the Nassagaweya Canyon.

About Mountsberg Conservation Area
Mountsberg Conservation Area is located on Milburough Line, five km west of Campbellville, ON, between Highway 6 South and the Guelph Line. This 472 hectare park includes extensive wetlands, forests, fields, and a reservoir. Mountsberg hosts many family friendly events which are sure to become family traditions for many in the community. It is also well known for the Mountsberg Raptor Centre, which is home to 15 different species of native birds of prey. Many of the Raptor Centre’s resident birds of prey have permanent injuries that have left them incapable of surviving on their own in the wild.