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Pajama night returns to Crawford Lake on July 27, this time with a bat theme

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MILTON – Grab your funkiest pajamas and join us for an evening of fun at Crawford Lake Conservation Area. This pajama night will focus on Ontario Bats! Did you know that bats could save the rainforest? That crops such as bananas, avocados, vanilla and peaches rely on bats for pollination? Bats are beautiful – and beneficial to humans.

This family program includes activities such as a night hike, legends around a fire, and bat themed games and crafts. Join us to learn more about these fascinating, but misunderstood mammals, and to dispel some of the myths surrounding these little creatures.

This special evening program is one of the Nature Discovery Series events offered throughout the year.

The fee is $16 for adults, $11 for seniors’ age 65 years and over and children age 12 years and under, plus all applicable taxes.

Advance registration is required, and you can register for the July 27 Pajama Bat Night online by clicking on the event listing on our website,

About Crawford Lake Conservation Area

Crawford Lake is located at the corner of Guelph Line and Conservation Road (formerly Steeles Avenue) 15 km north of the QEW, and 5 km south of the 401 in Milton. The pristine waters of Crawford Lake have drawn people to its shores for hundreds of years. The rare lake, with surrounding boardwalk, is nestled in lush forests atop the stunning Niagara Escarpment where visitors can watch soaring turkey vultures glide through the Nassagaweya Canyon.

You can step back in time and explore the 15th century Iroquoian Village that has been reconstructed on its original site at Crawford Lake. The spirits still sing in the longhouses where tools, animal hides and the smell of smoke let you experience the rich history of Ontario’s First Peoples. Crawford Lake’s Customer Service staff can be reached by telephone at 905-854-0234, ext. 3200, or by e-mail,

For more information on this event and all the other happenings at Conservation Halton Parks visit; to find out about recreational programs and services, go to

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Conservation Halton is the community based environmental agency that protects, restores, and manages the natural resources in its watershed. The organization has staff that includes ecologists, land use planners, engineers, foresters and educators, along with a network of volunteers, who are guided by a Board of Directors comprised of municipally elected and appointed citizens. Conservation Halton is recognized for its stewardship of creeks, forests and Niagara Escarpment lands through science based programs and services.

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