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Crawford Lake opens new exhibit today featuring the artworks of Raymond R. Skye

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Crawford Lake Conservation Area is pleased to present a new exhibit featuring the artwork and writings of talented Tuscarora artist Raymond R. Skye. The exhibit, titled Haudenosaunee Clans…Extended Families of the Iroquois opens today, Tuesday, May 5 and will be on display 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily until June 30, 2015 in the newly built Deer Clan Longhouse.

The exhibit will engage guests in a rich experience combining art, video, and hands-on elements to build understanding of the heritage and clans of the Haudenosaunee people. Imagine standing in a modern longhouse, listening to the lyrical poetry of the book The Great Law Kayaneren’ko:wa as written and narrated in English by Metis author David Bouchard, and in Mohawk by Six Nations of the Grand River community member, Frank Miller. The powerful words are accompanied by the visual feast of Raymond’s artworks.

Crawford Lake has been privileged to work with Mr. Skye and wishes to thank him for all his efforts to bring to life this unique, new exhibit.

The value of Raymond Skye’s artistry is immeasurable. In an information age where ideas and influences are transferred around the globe at the speed of light, it is vitally important that distinct cultures and nations have in place powerful and sustainable mechanisms for their preservation. As an earnest and life-long student and teacher of Haudenosaunee culture, Ray’s contributions to his heritage are numerous and exceptional. His art documents the primary narratives of Haudenosaunee origin, emergence, and history, enveloping substance within imagery that informs cultural awareness and inspires the people to forever remember. The presence of an artist like Raymond Skye in our community and nation is not only invaluable, it is essential!

— Tim Johnson, Associate Director for Museum Programs, National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution, Washington and New York

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