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Conservation Halton seeks public comment on large fill policy review

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Conservation Halton is seeking feedback from the community on its draft Large Fill Policies and Procedural Guidelines. Comments are requested by December 1, 2015 from all interested parties and groups in the Conservation Halton watershed.

You can find the draft Large Fill Policies and Procedural Guidelines on Conservation Halton’s website, The Large Fill Policies and Procedural Guidelines are intended to address the issue of the placement of large fill within the Conservation Halton watershed.

This is an ever increasing concern among municipalities, conservation authorities and people living in rural areas, in Conservation Halton’s watershed and generally within the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Conservation Halton staff were directed by its Board of Directors to draft a large fill policy. Of particular concern are instances of illegal dumping of fill in regulated areas (under Ontario Regulation 162/06) and applications for large quantities of fill for placement on properties, which are increasing.

Comments may be submitted by December 1, 2015 to:

Barbara J. Veale
Manager, Planning and Regulation Services, Conservation Halton
2596 Britannia Road West, Burlington, ON L7P 0G3
Telephone: 905-336-1158 ext. 2273, Fax: 905-336-6684
Send an E-mail to Barb Veale

Conservation Halton is concerned about illegal dumping in regulated areas which could increase the risk of flooding, affect the conservation of land or perhaps affect the quality of groundwater.

Conservation Halton administers Ontario Regulation 162/06, (Development, Interference with Wetlands and Alteration to Shorelines and Watercourses Regulation). This regulation applies to river or stream valleys, wetlands and adjacent lands, shorelines and other hazardous lands and is intended to protect people and property, as well as the natural environment, from natural hazards. Permission is required from Conservation Halton to:

  • develop in or adjacent to a regulated area;
  • alter a creek, stream or watercourse; or
  • interfere with a wetland.

A final version of the Large Fill Policies and Procedural Guidelines will be presented to the Conservation Halton Board of Directors for approval in February, 2016.