Lake Ontario Shoreline Management Program

Lake Ontario shoreline at Bronte Harbour, Oakville, Ontario
Lake Ontario shoreline at Bronte Harbour, Oakville, Ontario

Conservation Halton works on the Lake Ontario Shoreline Management Program to help ensure that waterfront developments are undertaken in a safe and environmentally sound manner. They work on this initiative in partnership with local municipalities, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.


Why is this program important?

  • Injury, loss of life, and property damages resulting from flooding and erosion are reduced;
  • Coordinated waterfront management services are provided;
  • Natural waterfront habitat is preserved and enhanced;
  • Legislative requirements are integrated with planning;
  • Public is informed about natural hazards and natural heritage resources.

Who benefits from this conservation program?

  • Municipalities;
  • Waterfront residents;
  • Developers;
  • Federal and Provincial governments;
  • Consultants, lawyers and real estate agents;
  • Academic community;
  • Future generations.

What are the projects associated with this program?

  • Review of official plan policies and schedules, comprehensive zoning by-laws, and plans of subdivisions;
  • Provincial policies are implemented through land use planning input and review;
  • Waterfront policies are formulated in consultation with municipalities;
  • Shoreline protection applications are reviewed in relation to the Fisheries Act and the Public Lands Act;
  • Coastal engineering expertise is provided to the municipalities, government agencies, and private property owners to help with planning decisions;
  • Development and maintenance of waterfront database and geographic information system (GIS) mapping;
  • Emergency planning and flood warning system;
  • Liaison between municipalities and other government agencies.