Kelso Master Plan

Conservation Halton is planning for a sustainable future at Kelso Conservation Area and Glen Eden by working to update our Master Plan. As Kelso is a part of the Niagara Escarpment Park System, our goal is to ensure continued protection for the natural and cultural features while providing quality recreation and educational experiences for our growing and changing visitor base. 


Conceptual Designs and Presentation

On June 20th, 2018, Conservation Halton presented the conceptual designs and plans for the Kelso Conservation Area/Glen Eden Master Plan at the Public Information for the community to see the plans and to provide feedback.

Zones and Precedents

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Conceptual Designs

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Kelso / Glen Eden Master Plan Process

The Kelso / Glen Eden Master Plan will act as the guiding document to ensure sustainable planning, development and resource management is in the forefront at Kelso throughout the continuous growth of Halton Region and our surrounding community. Our Kelso Master Plan will form together through a three phase process. The planning process was structured to satisfy the legislative requirements of the Niagara Escarpment Plan and the Conservation Authority Act and has included extensive consultation with the public, stakeholders and related agencies.

  • Phase I will be a holistic inventory and analysis of existing conditions and needs at Kelso Conservation Area and Glen Eden. Through this phase we can determine our areas of concern, strengths and areas for ongoing monitoring or protection.
  • Phase II will synthesize the information collected in Phase I and a conceptual design will be developed. This will ensure that the key features at Kelso Conservation Area and Glen Eden are protected or enhanced throughout the ongoing management of the park and reflect our vision at Conservation Halton.
  • Phase III will be the Master Plan that outlines detailed areas for development and our intention for the ongoing management at Kelso Conservation Area and Glen Eden. This Master Plan will portray a park designed to address growing regional recreational demands while also ensuring the long-term protection and sustainability of this natural escarpment park.

We are currently in Phase I of the Kelso / Glen Eden Master Plan Process.


About Kelso Conservation Area / Glen Eden

Conservation Halton first acquired lands in 1960 for flood control and water management purposes within the Sixteen Mile Creek watershed. Today Kelso Conservation Area has grown into a major regional recreational area servicing the Halton Region and Greater Toronto Area.

This popular day-use recreational park is known for its summer and winter use, with over 22 km of marked trails, a beach area and 16 downhill ski slopes. Kelso Conservation Area is comprised of 490.6 Hectares, (including the Kelso Quarry) of land located at the junction of the Niagara Escarpment and Sixteen Mile Creek. The Niagara Escarpment rises some 70 metres above Sixteen Mile Creek providing a unique combination of geological and ecological features on the property.

The tablelands are predominantly covered in deciduous forests, afforestation fields, wetlands, talus slopes and creeks. Significant environmental features include the presence of ancient cedar old growth forest, exposures of provincially rare geological formations and a diversity of escarpment plant and animal species. Annual park visitation totals approximately 500,000 recreational users, including some 160,000 summer visitations and 338,000 winter skier/snowboard enthusiasts with additional growth expected in concert with a rapidly growing Regional population.

Park operation costs including maintenance and capital expenditures have traditionally been funded through self-generated revenues from the park admission fees and services, with the exception of capital and maintenance costs for flood control facilities which are supported through municipal levies. The Kelso Conservation Area / Glen Eden is the “flagship” park of the Conservation Halton park system. Together with the Hilton Falls; Rattlesnake Point; Crawford Lake; Mount Nemo; Mountsberg and Robert Edmondson, the seven Conservation Areas receive more than 750,000 visitations annually and essentially function as a regional park system. However, without additional funding for capital and servicing upgrades, this park system is challenged to meet both current and anticipated visitation demands.