Kelso Dam Construction

The Kelso Dam, located within the Kelso Conservation Area in Milton, is going to be receiving some needed repairs and infrastructure improvements in 2018. The dam was first constructed in 1962 and is Conservation Halton’s oldest flood control structure.

Phase 1 of construction is scheduled to start in January 2018 and will mainly be some preparatory work.

Phase 2 of construction is scheduled start in spring, 2018 and will involve more significant work including excavation. The objective is to have the project completed by the end of the year.

During construction, every effort will be made to mitigate any impacts, so as to minimize the disruption to our neighbours and visitors. You may notice an increase in vehicle traffic during both construction phases.

When construction commences, the footbridge over Sixteen Mile Creek will be closed. The roadway access over the dam will be open for access to the camping area, but may be reduced or possibly closed for a short period of time due to construction activities. Visitors to the Kelso Conservation Area will continue to have lower water levels and recreational activities within the Kelso reservoir such as boating and swimming may be impacted in the summer. There will be occasional closures to the boat rentals parking lots and other service disruptions; these will be communicated in advance.

Background on Kelso Dam Repairs and Infrastructure Improvements

Conservation Halton staff observed a siltation plume located within the channel, immediately downstream of the Kelso Dam outlet during regular infrastructure maintenance in June, 2015.

Engineering consultants conducted a visual assessment of the Kelso Dam and recommended some precautionary actions, which were carried out by Conservation Halton staff. The Kelso reservoir water level was lowered, and staff have been conducting site and photographic monitoring. There has been no visible observation of a siltation plume since June, 2015.

Conservation Halton’s engineering consultants have completed investigations, studies and designs to address identified issues and recommended improvements to the Kelso Dam. Construction works to address the recommended improvements to the Kelso Dam are expected to commence January, 2018 with completion by end of December, 2018.

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