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Halton Children's Water Festival: home
Halton Children's Water Festival: home
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Grade 2

Virtual Field Trip

The Halton Children’s Water Festival is introducing a virtual learning module aimed at Grade 2 students. This interactive presentation includes Indigenous Water Knowledge, Water Awareness, The Water Cycle, The Human Water Cycle, and Climate Action with direct Grade 2 curriculum connections.

The length of the virtual field trip is 45-60 minutes. Within the presentation, there are 6 short videos, 2 movement games, as well as opportunities for students to discuss amongst themselves and with the presenter.

In addition to the 45–60-minute program, there are supplementary materials to complement the key learning themes. These include 2 colouring pages, 2 anchor charts / infographics, and 1 word search. This module is available for in-person classrooms and virtual classrooms.

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Indigenous water knowledge

Taomesre ~ People of the Little Turtle, Wyandot of Anderdon Nation; Wendat Confederacy

Catherine Tammaro is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practise spans decades.

Catherine is a seated Spotted Turtle Clan FaithKeeper and is active throughout the City of Toronto and beyond, in many organizations as Elder in Residence, Mentor, Teacher and Cultural Advisor. She is an alumna of the Ontario College of Art and has had a diverse career, multiple exhibits and installations, published written works and presentations and continues her creative practise.

Catherine Tammaro takes us through her studio as she shares her Indigenous connection to water, stories, art, and more!​

The length of this video module is approximately 35 minutes


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