Politiques et lignes directrices

As of April 1, 2024, Conservation Halton must review and make decisions on applications for permits in accordance with Part VI of the Conservation Authorities Act and Ontario Regulation 41/24. This requires amendments to CH’s Policy Document entitled “Conservation Halton Policies and Guidelines for the Administration of Ontario Regulation 162/06 and Land Use Planning Policy Document April 27, 2006 (last amended, November 26, 2020)” to reflect this new framework. Staff is currently reviewing CH’s existing Policy Document and anticipates bringing updated policies (conformity updates only) to the Conservation Halton Board for approval at the end of Q2 2024.

Where discrepancies exist between the text of the legislation or regulation and the information provided within Conservation Halton’s existing Policy Document and Interim Policies and Procedures, the text of the legislation and regulation will prevail.

In reviewing and commenting on planning and permit applications, Conservation Halton staff follow policies approved by the Board:

In addition, we use the following technical guidelines, best management practices and documents.



Under the Conservation Authorities Act and Ontario Regulation 41/24, Conservation Halton regulates development in spill flood hazards (“spills”). Spills occur when floodwaters leave a watercourse, its valley and floodplain, and continue to flow overland in multiple directions before rejoining the same watercourse downstream or spilling into another watershed.  Spills often move through areas where riverine flooding may not be anticipated and can flow in complex patterns.  Conservation Halton has an interim policy for development in spills but is undertaking a review and update of this policy.  

In March 2022, Conservation Halton shared a discussion paper as the initial stage of the spill policy review and update process to provide the public and stakeholders with background information on spills and to engage on the policy approaches that CH could take to deal with development in spills. In November 2022, Conservation Halton’s Board of Directors endorsed the Spills Flood Hazard Policy Report, which includes an overview of the feedback received on the discussion paper and staff’s recommended policy approach/direction for managing risk associated with development in spill flood hazards along with supporting rationale.   

Throughout the policy review and update process, Conservation Halton will engage with other conservation authorities, municipal partners, residents, and other stakeholders. Conservation Halton staff will assess the input received throughout the process, draft new policies, and recommend to the Conservation Halton Board on the approval of any new spill policies.

We welcome your feedback and input. Please email questions or comments to policy@hrca.on.ca