Offsite Presentations

Have the Raptors Visit You!

Our educational programs engage children and adults alike and help to foster an appreciation for wild habitats and wild creatures. We have years of experience bringing raptors into the classroom and blending the excitement of meeting live birds with curriculum-based programming.

collage of raptor handlers holding their birds

We have also visited corporate events, naturalist clubs, scout and guide functions, retirement homes, Earth Day celebrations, and more. While not all of our birds are able to travel, some of our resident raptors have the ability to visit your event. We reserve the right to decide which events are suitable for the welfare needs of our birds. Their well-being is always our top priority!   

Please see our FAQs below. 

a raptor handler holds an owl for a group of kids to see

Our presentations usually run 30 minutes to one hour and include up to 3 different raptors. The raptors are presented one at a time on the gloved hand of our staff. Staff will talk about the biology of each bird, where it can be found, and the history of the individual bird.


No. While you can request what birds you would like to see, not all of our birds are able to travel. We do not guarantee what species will be at your event; however we usually travel with a hawk, a falcon and/or an owl. We cannot confirm what birds we will be traveling with until the day of your event.

The health and welfare of our birds is our biggest concern. Depending on how much rest time is provided for the birds between presentations, we will normally offer 2 to 4 presentations per event.

Generally, presentations are not longer than one hour.

We can do presentations that are shorter than 1 hour (i.e. 45 minutes or less) however your quote will be based on a one hour presentation as that is our minimum fee.

We have a maximum of 100 of participants per presentation.

Our staff can set up a display either inside or outside, provided that the area meets the needs of our birds (no excessive wind, protection from the sun, relatively quiet area). We will have up to 2 staff stationed with a bird on glove. We will also display bioartifacts (wings, feet, skulls) for participants to see and touch.

A minimum of one table is appreciated as well as a quiet space to keep the birds. If we are presenting outside, a covered/shaded area is needed for the birds. We do have our own tent that we can bring if needed.

No. Our birds are all non-releasable birds. For the health and welfare of our birds, all birds are presented either on a gloved hand or on a perch.

No. The health and welfare of our birds is our top priority. The birds do not enjoy being pet, even by their trainers and it is not good for their feather condition.

No. For the safety of our birds, only our staff will be handling them.

Other animals can pose a health concern to our birds or can be seen by the birds as a threat. The birds are most comfortable if they are not located next to other animals. We request that we are not in close proximity to reptiles or dogs due to health and safety concerns for our birds.

Generally we do not need a lot of time for set-up. Raptor Centre staff will typically arrive at your event half an hour prior to your start time. As we are often travelling a distance and traffic can pose an issue, we will strive to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to start time.

Please contact our Visitor Services Department at for a quote.

In the case of extreme weather (e.g. snowstorm, ice storm) or highway closures, we will make every effort to contact you well advance of the start time of your program to let you know we are unable to attend. The health and safety of our staff and our birds is of paramount importance to us. If we have to cancel, we will reschedule your event for you.