Systèmes d'information géographique

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team at Conservation Halton is responsible for the deployment, management and administration of GIS and related spatial and tabular data holdings in accordance with Conservation Halton policy and procedures. This program oversees the creation, deployment and support of GIS solutions, analysis and mapping to support other departments and initiatives identified through the strategic plan. In addition, the GIS program provides support to partnering municipalities and the public, particularly with respect to regulatory mapping, land use planning, flood forecasting and warning, environmental monitoring, terrestrial and aquatic ecology, stewardship, parks operations, and other related business activities.

To obtain digital GIS data from Conservation Halton (not included in Open Data) please complete the Digital Information Request Form, with the specific data sets that you wish to obtain, and submit it to Conservation Halton staff will develop a Data Licensing Agreement that lists the data requested, and any fees required to complete your request. Once the agreement is signed and fees are paid, Conservation Halton staff will start work to prepare the data and provide an expected timeline. Requests are generally processed within 5 days of the signed agreement being received but the size of the data request will impact the timeline.

The Data Holdings and Availability will help you understand what data is available from Conservation Halton, provide direction for “third party datasets,” which is data that Conservation Halton cannot provide due to licensing restrictions. The fee schedule is also described in this document. The Data Dissemination Policy is an overview of data distribution at Conservation Halton and briefly describes the “Groups” subject to fees. Any fees recovered under this policy contribute to funding the update of GIS data and maps provided to the public.