Forestry and Tree Planting

Forestry and Tree PlantingConservation Halton owns and manages in excess of 10,500 acres of land across our watershed. These properties represent a diverse mix of habitat and woodland types that form an important ecological network across our watersheds, protecting and enhancing both natural heritage and the quality of life for the people that live within our watershed.

These woodlands and forests provide important ecological, economic and recreational services that form the foundation of our natural areas. Conservation Halton’s forestry professionals work to maintain and encourage healthy forest ecosystems through sustainable forest management, forest health monitoring and reforestation programs.

Tree planting and reforestation on both Authority owned lands and private property is one of Conservation Halton’s core forestry programs. Conservation Halton has planted more than 4,000,000 trees over the past 60 years effectively protecting water quality and quantity, reducing soil erosion, providing wildlife habitat and linkages, and cleaning our air.

Machine Tree PlantingConservation Halton’s current forest cover is 26.4%. Provincial guidelines suggest that 30% forest cover is required to provide the minimum level of environmental services for a watershed to function. Each year, the Forestry department plants 80-100,000 trees and shrubs in our watershed on both private and public lands working towards the goal of 30% forest cover.

Well managed forests and forest health go hand in hand. Forestry staff offer free site visits for landowners interested in learning more about their forests, ways they can improve the overall health and quality of their woodlot and government programs that could save you 75% in property taxes.