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Challenge Series FAQ

Where is the challenge series?

The race series is at Kelso Conservation Area. You can find a map here.

How do I sign up?

  • Sign up will occur as individual race entries
  • Racers will sign up for each race by visiting Parkvisit.ca 
  • Select Kelso Main Entrance as your park
  • Select your time and complete your reservation
  • Add Tuesday Night Challenge as your item with your category to your reservation

Note: Racers must sign up at least 24hr before race day

What ‘category’ should I sign up for?

We set different categories to ensure we have rider conditions set for all ability levels. Choose your category based on which below best suits your riding ability. These are used simply for reference when viewing results.


This is a great category for younger riders, or riders newer to the sport. You will ride on the same course as the sport and expert riders. There will be marked “Novice Cut-Offs” used to differentiate the course depending on racers skill level. Novice course tends to be slightly shorter because of this.


This is typically our largest categories with a wide age and ability range. You should have the ability to manage 15km of riding without depleting your energy level to exhaustion. Sport riders should be more confident riding at faster speeds and comfortable on all difficulty of trail at Kelso.


This is our most advanced category. Most riders in this category have previous race experience and can ride at higher speeds with relative ease through all difficulty of trail at Kelso.

What do I do when I arrive for my Tuesday Challenge timeslot?

  • When you arrive your license plate will be scanned at our gatehouse to ensure you are arriving at the correct time for your reservation
  • Park and Unload your bike
  • Gear up at your car (feel free to bring a chair or car mat to help you do so)
  • Check in with the staff member at the bottom of the bridge
  • Staff will ensure you are arriving at your correctly reserved time and will update you on trail conditions
  • Make your way up the stairs and across the bridge
  • Follow signage to “Start Line”
  • Check in with the timer in the tent and they will count you in for your race start

What do I do when I finish my Tuesday Challenge?

Report your finish with our staff timer (where you started) and you can stop by the staffed bike wash to get your bike cleaned if you want. Proceed to your car to load your gear/bike up and kindly exit the park to make space for the next group of riders arriving.

What are the perks for signing up?

Other than the chance to connect with the Kelso MTB Race community while getting your dose of friendly competition and the mental health benefits that come along with fresh air in outdoor recreation, there are tons of reasons to get involved:

  • Kelso MTB swag
  • Discounts and promotions from Race Series Community sponsors
  • Marked racecourse
  • Timing provided for all participants
  • Weekly timed results
  • Bi-Weekly MTB Race Series Newsletter with up to date promos and information

Mountain Bike School FAQ

How do I book a Private Lesson?

The lessons are bookable through the ParkPass site. Choose Kelso Summit as your park and find a time slot with an available Private Lesson. Add it onto your visit and continue with your registration.

Will my bike work for the lesson?

Bikes come in a lot of shapes and sizes. Ensure your bike is a mountain bike with a wider tire, handlebar actuated brakes and has gears. You will be riding on off-road trails during your lesson, it is important to ensure your bike is in proper working condition before signing up for a lesson.

What happens if it is forecasted to rain during my lesson?

We will reach out to you with an update on trail conditions, and plan based on forecast. If its just a little bit of rain, and we aren’t going to damage the trails, we will go ahead with the lesson. If there is thunder/lighting/heavy amounts of rain, we will coordinate a new lesson date and time.

What ability level should I be signing up for?

Please refer to our rider assessment levels below to find an incoming ability that best describes you riding ability.

  • Beginner (1) – I am comfortable on a bike. I have ridden on the road, sidewalk and some gravel/dirt paths. Nothing with rocks, roots, steep sections or tight trees. Limited time riding uphill’s and downhills. Wanting to get comfortable riding my bike in the forest and learn skills to assist. (Green Circle)
  • Intermediate (2) – I have ridden my bike off-road and in the forest. I can ride over and around rocks and roots. I make it up long climbs most of the time. Wanting to increase control over my bike on all types of terrain (Blue Square)
  • Advanced (3) – I can maneuver up, down, around and through rock and root filled sections of trail. I enjoy the downhill sections and can make it back up afterwards. Looking to develop the skills to ride into all unknown trail situations and be able to comfortably ride through to the other side. (Black Diamond)
  • Expert (4) – I can find the most efficient path through technical sections of trail. Steeps, fast sections, and slow sections are all things I can manage on my rides. Looking to increase my speed on trail and ensure I can ride everything. (Double Black Diamond)

Do I get a refund if my lesson or program gets cancelled due to weather or other circumstances?

We will not provide a refund due to inclement weather. We will instead plan to coordinate with you a time to make up the lesson. If you would prefer a refund our Visitors Services team can help with that.

Where do I meet my instructor?

You will be meeting your instructor at the Kelso MTB School hut at the Kelso Summit parking lot. Make sure you book your park visit for Kelso Summit, not Kelso Main Gate.

Mountain biking looks fun, I am comfortable riding my bike down the street or sidewalk but feel intimidated about going offroad, am I going to be okay on the trails at Kelso?

Absolutely. We have a lot of different trails of varying difficulty. There is something to suite everyone! Our instructors use a “challenge by choice” principle for every lesson to ensure students stay within their comfort zones. Ensure you have a mountain bike in proper working condition. If not, you will be able to add a rental to your lesson.