Raquetas de nieve

Snowshoeing is a true, time-honoured Canadian pastime. Conservation Halton Parks has snowshoeing trails at Crawford Lake, Mountsberg and Hilton Falls, so you can spend more time outside and less time hibernating the winter away!

Lago Crawford

Rentals: Modern aluminum-frame snowshoes are available for rent at Crawford Lake.

Snowshoe Trail3.4 kmEasy
Pine Ridge Trail3.6 kmModerado
Woodland Trail1.5 kmEasy


Rentals: Not available at Mountsberg.

Wildlife Walkway1.6 kmEasy
Lakeshore Lookout Trail5.6 kmModerado

Cataratas Hilton

Rentals: Not available at this Hilton Falls.

Hilton Falls Trail3 kmModerado
Red Oak Trail4 kmModerado
Beaver Dam Trail8 kmDifficult