2020 Education Programs

2020 Conservation Halton Education Programs

We know integrating outdoor education into your classroom or youth group meetings is challenging during Covid19, so our educators have developed three safe and fun ways to engage with Conservation Halton programs while we ride out the pandemic!

You can now enjoy Conservation Halton’s environmental and historical education programs through your computer, your schoolard, or at one of our parks:

  • Virtual Learning Programs - "Live" & interactive experience that brings our most popular programs to a screen in your classroom or centre.
  • Schoolyard Learning Programs - We bring a skilled Nature Educator to your schoolyard or youth group to lead a safe and short nature-based walk through the nearby neighbourhood.
  • Park-Based Learning Programs - Looking to take part in an in-park program? We would love to explore with you and your small group through tours and experiences at one our our Conservation Halton Parks.

Virtual Learning Programs

Our talented educators are excited to bring some of our most popular programs to a screen in your classroom or centre. Using video, props, live animal encounters, special guests and, for little ones, visits from one of our favourite puppets – Bushy the Squirrel – we bring you the best Conservation Halton parks have to offer…virtually!

Price: $75/session
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Owl Prowl

  • Get "screen to beak" with live owls native to Ontario. Learn about their fascinating adaptations, their habitats and calls, and see their soft, silent feathers and sharp talons. Bushy the Squirrel will make a special guest appearance!
    • Grade: Curriculum support for grade 1, 2 (also fun for Kindies!)

Pollinator Power

  • Bees, butterflies, beetles, ants and more! Pollination is at the heart of the food web and we are going in search of the creatures responsible! Special guest appearances by Bushy the Squirrel and Mountsberg’s very own Beekeeper!
    • Grade: Curriculum support for grade 1, 2, 3

Maple Syrup Time

  • We are headed into the sugar bush to find Bushy the Squirrel who will help us learn all about how maple syrup is made! We will sing Mountsberg’s special maple syrup song and learn how people and animals rely on beautiful sugar maples for their delicious sap.
    • Grade: Curriculum support for grade k, 1, 3

Green Thumbs

  • Students will learn how humans depend on plants for their survival and how we can help protect them. We will explore the difference between native and invasive species and learn to recognize some local plants. Special guest appearance by a Conservation Halton ecologist who will help us learn how to collect and plant native seed to help support healthy ecosystems! (Register early and receive a supply of native wildflower seed for your schoolyard)
    • Grade: Curriculum support for grade 3

Species at Risk

  • Visit “screen to beak” with several of Mountsberg’s live birds of prey as we explore the issues surrounding Ontario’s species at risk. We will discover what it means to be "at risk" and what students can do to help at risk species in their own neighbourhood.
    • Grade: Curriculum support for grade 4, 7

Crawford Lake & Longhouse Village

  • Bring your students on a virtual tour of the beautiful, rare meromictic lake and reconstructed 15th century longhouses at Crawford Lake Conservation Area. We will learn about the important Indigenous history of this land before settlers arrived and how Indigenous people relied on and cared for the land through the artifacts discovered at the site.

High Waters

  • Did you know Conservation Halton has been managing flood control in Halton Region since 1956?! With the help of special guest appearances from Conservation Halton’s experts in flood control our educators will help students understand floodplains, flood control, the climate change connection, and how they can be flood smart!
    • Grade: Curriculum support for grade 8

Niagara Escarpment: Take a Hike!

  • Enjoy this 5km hike from Crawford Lake Conservation Area to Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area through the beautiful Nassagaweya Canyon – from your classroom! We will discover the geology, ecology, and history of the Niagara Escarpment along the way. This 450-million-year journey features fossils, ancient cedars, a special guest appearance from a Conservation Halton ecologist and virtual vistas from the trail!
    • Grade: Curriculum support for grade 9

Schoolyard Learning Programs

Let us shine a spotlight on the nature in your neighbourhood! Our Schoolyard Learning Programs are designed to help students overcome ‘nature blindness’ in their community and learn to notice the creatures and plants that share their space. These fun, introductory programs build ecological literacy and help students see themselves as protectors of their own wild neighbourhood!

Price: $250/hr (plus mileage for Educator)
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COVID19 Notes: These programs operate exclusively outdoors and do not require any in class time, CH staff must complete a Covid19 screening prior to work, physical distancing will be observed or masks worn where this is a challenge, any required equipment will be sanitized before and after use.

Wild Neighbourhood Birds

  • Let the knowledgeable staff of the Mountsberg Raptor Centre introduce your students to the magical world of birding. We’ll bring our binoculars to help students search for common backyard birds as we learn their songs and calls. Students will learn about the amazing adaptations of common neighbourhood birds through the use of bioartefacts (e.g. wings, feet, nests) and an in-person visit from one of Mountsberg’s resident birds of prey. To wrap up, students will learn how they can become songbird stewards!
    • Grade: Curriculum support for grade 1, 2, 4
    • Length: 40min-1hr

Wild Neighbourhood Biodiversity

  • Conservation Halton educators will help students learn to see the biodiversity they walk by every day, combatting ‘nature blindness’. We will explore the amazing plants that grow near your school or centre and learn about the animals that rely on them. Through the use of bioartefacts (e.g. pelts, skulls) we will examine some of the adaptations of local wildlife. To wrap up, students will get to meet one of Mountsberg’s resident native snakes and learn how they can live safely side by side with cool creatures like racoons, coyotes, and snakes!
    • Grade: Curriculum support for grade 4, 6, 7
    • Available September-October & April-June
    • Length: 40min-1hr

From The Ground Up

  • In this eco-education program students learn about forest ecosystems and take part in effective, hands-on stewardship activities in a local natural area within walking distance of their school or centre. Choose from two different streams of programming.
    • Focused on Forests: Students work to enhance urban and rural forests through native plantings in their neighbourhood. Focused on Forests features a pre-visit virtual lesson to learn about the benefits of planting native species and planting and safety protocols. During our in-person visit to your school or centre students will plant native species in local natural area or park to enhance the environment for humans and wildlife alike!
    • Species Invaders: During our pre-visit virtual lesson students are introduced to common local invasive species and the threat they pose to our local ecosystems as well as removal and safety protocols for our in-person visit. During our in-person visit students will take part in invasive species management in a local natural area or park becoming true environmental stewards in their community!
      • Grade: Curriculum support for grade 6, 7, 8
      • Available: Based on planting/invasive species site availability (contact fromthegroundup@hrca.on.ca for details)
      • Length: Each class participates in a virtual in-class orientation (1 period - approximately 40 minutes); and an outdoors stewardship activity (2 periods – approximately 80 minutes).
      • Price: $7/student (thanks to the generous financial support of TC Energy, Canadian Tree Fund, and The Catherine and Maxwell Meighen Foundation.)

Park Based Learning Programs

Looking to take part in an in-park program? We would love to explore with you!

We have developed a series of Covid19 safe small group (10 or fewer) private tours and activities that may be just what you are looking for!

COVID19 Notes: These programs operate exclusively outdoors and do not include indoor lunch space, CH staff must complete a Covid19 screening prior to work, physical distancing will be observed or masks worn where this is a challenge, any required equipment will be sanitized before and after use.

Check out our Experiences page for more information on the following programs or to book.

Don’t see what you are looking for here? Contact Education Manager, Brenna Bartley at bbartley@hrca.on.ca with your request and we can build a program to meet your needs (ie: ESL etc)

For a list of our traditional Field Trip Programs, please click here.  These offerings are dependent upon current public health measures, please check the page to view what is currently available.

Additional Educational Resources & Programs


Nature-Based Home Learning Resources

For families who are homeschooling, our Conservation Halton ecology experts (most are parents of young children too!) compiled resources that support learning at home. Check out the resources here.

Halton Children’s Water Festival

The Halton Children’s Water Festival is postponed for 2020.  Traditionally, this field trip program is targeted for grades 2 through 5 and provides a fun and engaging, curriculum-linked day outdoors at Kelso Conservation Area dedicated to learning about one of our most precious resources, water! For more information about previous years, visit the Halton Children’s Water Festival website.