Conservation Halton Rates & Fees Increase

2023 Rates & Fees Increase Overview

In 2020, the Conservation Halton Board of Directors recommended that we begin reviewing fees on an annual basis so that considerations such as operating costs, visitor impact management, and staffing expenditures were made and reflected in our pricing. Based on our 2022 review, it was determined that a fee increase was needed to ensure product offerings are in alignment with new operational systems and represent current industry standards. This increase will take effect on March 6th, 2023, and will apply to both visitor gate fees and membership fees.  


The Conservation Halton Parks system consists of eight parks. We act as an independent authority and are not associated with Ontario Parks or Parks Canada. Our parks, therefore, run differently and we operate on a self-generating revenue/cost recovery model.  This means that our park services don’t rely on tax levies. The revenue our Parks generate is re-invested back into these areas so that we can continue to provide exceptional visitor experience. This means that revenue generated from gate admissions and membership fees are used to make park improvements and maintain the environment and infrastructure. 

We also use the revenue generated at our parks for staffing to ensure there are people on the ground every day for visitor safety and to provide them with assistance. Conservation Halton prides itself on being an award-winning employer that provides our employees with a living and competitive wage. Their work is crucial to the preservation and protection of our parks as well as our focus on delivering outstanding customer service. As minimum wage continues to increase in Ontario and with inflationary pressure, Conservation Halton must also continue to ensure we are attracting and retaining the hard-working people of our organization and these fee increases will support the legislated rising costs of employment. 

Conservation Halton is committed to accountability, transparency, and sustainability and we will continue to communicate with you about the changes we make to maintain community trust and understanding. We appreciate your ongoing support and we value your shared passion for our parks and greenspaces, and ensuring they remain accessible and can thrive today and for years to come. 

New in 2023

Buy Online and Save! 
Please note that reservations are still required to enter our parks but this year we are excited to offer visitors who buy their gate fees online in advance savings on their ticket price. Just book online in advance, through our Park Pass reservation system found here, and start saving! 

Introducing our new Vehicle Membership 

We have made some changes to our membership experience for groups this year! Previously, we had a Family Membership which allowed families in the same household to visit the parks together. To provide more convenience and flexibility, we are now introducing a Vehicle Membership which allows members to bring whoever they would like to share their park experience with – as long as they fit safely in their vehicle.

2023 Rates & Fees

Product2023 Price
Adult Gate Fee ONLINE​ $10.50
Adult Gate Fee AT GATE​ $12
Senior Gate Fee ONLINE​ (65+)$8.25
Senior Fate Fee AT GATE (65+)$9.75
Child Gate Fee ONLINE​ $7.25
Child Gate Fee AT GATE$8.75
Child under 5 Gate Fee​$0
Vehicle Membership$165
Senior Vehicle Membership (65+)$155
Individual Membership$105
Individual Senior Membership$85

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Trail infrastructure and maintenance 
  • Visitor impact management (Park maintenance/repairs/restoration from increasing park visitors) 
  • Visitor services (staff, gates and online booking system, automatic gates, trail mapping etc)  
  • Asset management planning  
  • Hazard removals and preventative measures to combat invasive species within the parks (Spongy Moths, Emerald Ash Borer, Oak Wilt, etc.)  
  • Risk management and safety compliance  

Conservation authorities receive funding from municipalities for their core mandate services. These funds are strictly allocated to watershed management, water level monitoring, and some restoration projects. Our parks operate independently and are different from provincial or federal parks in that they rely on self-generating revenue.  This means that we don’t rely on tax levies. The fees we charge for membership or gate admittance are re-invested back in the park to maintain and improve infrastructure, ensure proper staffing, and help us focus on the preservation and protection of these natural areas so they can be enjoyed by visitors for years to come.   

You can renew your membership online on our website. If you renew your membership during the 30 days after your membership expires you will receive a 15% discount. To renew your membership follow the below instructions:

  • Visit  
  • Under ‘Visitor Type’ select Membership Renewal 
  • Under Membership #: type your membership Code.
    Fill in your First and Last Name 
  • Select your membership pass type (Family, Vehicle, Individual).  
  • Your 15% discount will automatically be applied  
  • You will receive a new membership code via email and a new Membership card in the mail 

Conservation Halton Parks act as an independent authority and are not associated with Ontario Parks or Parks Canada. Our park operations are 100% funded by self-generating revenue from gate admission and membership fees– we are not funded by tax dollars. These changes were necessary to ensure rates were considerate of operational changes and industry standards. 

We made some changes to our pass experience for groups this year. Previously, we offered a Family Pass which allowed families in the same household to visit the parks together. To provide more convenience and flexibility, we are now introducing a Vehicle Pass which allows. members to bring whoever they would like to share their park experience with – as long as they fit safely in their vehicle. 

No. When you book your park visit, you will be asked to add your membership number and will be able to input the license plate of whichever vehicle you will be using to visit the park that day. 

You will only see this discount if it is within the 30 days after your membership renewal date. 

A Vehicle Pass is our new version of the Family PassYou can now bring whoever you want to join you on your park adventure in your vehicle using this new pass offering. 

Conservation Halton works hard to ensure its park are accessible to the communities we serve.  We are continuously looking for ways to remove barriers to their enjoyment and that is why we have created the “Parks Pass it On” Program. This is an initiative we started a few years ago, where we first began by donating 10 passes to the Milton and Burlington libraries as a partnership pilot. Seeing how critical this initiative was for our community members, Conservation Halton decided to increase both the number of passes and the number of libraries and worked with all public libraries in our watershed (Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Wellington County, and Halton Hills) to establish a partnership to have CH passes available at all branches for anyone to borrow. Last year, we increased the number of donated passes to 400 and as of today, this means that CH has donated one pass for every four passes we have sold.  

This means that each library branch now has with multiple Parks Memberships that can be rented out like a library book! This is a great option if you still would like to access our parks but have decided you no longer would like to purchase a membership.  

You must be 65 or older to qualify for the Senior rate.

You can use the buzzer to call visitor services or you can go to to book your visit.