About the Campaign

Connected: Growing Our Greenprint will protect and enhance greenspaces in our watershed so that local communities can benefit from nature today, tomorrow and for generations.

What is Conservation Halton’s “greenprint”?

Our greenprint extends from the Lake Ontario shoreline to the Niagara Escarpment, reaching across Burlington, Oakville, Halton Hills, Milton, and parts of Puslinch, Hamilton and Mississauga. It includes 10,000 acres of forests, streams, creeks, wetlands, and meadows that we restore and protect as well as the outdoor recreation and education opportunities that our conservation parks provide.

How does our greenprint benefit local communities?

Research has shown us (and continues to demonstrate through new findings) that human health and ecological health are intimately connected. When nature thrives and watersheds are healthy, our communities are able to flourish.

By conserving and restoring thousands of acres of park lands and natural areas, Conservation Halton is working to ensure a healthy watershed where our growing communities are in balance with nature. Conservation Halton’s unique parks and programs provide recreation and education programs to over 1.5 million people annually, and our restoration efforts support other vital ecosystem services by supporting habitat preservation, carbon sequestration, stormwater management, urban heat mitigation, and air quality improvement. These services generate an estimated $100-$230 million in annual value.*

Why are we growing our greenprint?

Conservation Halton works in one of Ontario’s fastest growing regions. By 2041, the population of our watershed could double. Our campaign will help ready our parks and programs for the future while doing more to meet the needs of our communities today. Since 2009, Conservation Halton has recorded an 80% increase in park visits and demand continues to rise for our education and recreation programs. By working with our supporters and partners to grow our greenprint, we are meeting the needs of our communities today and creating a greener, healthier, and more resilient tomorrow.

Already, we have grown our school tour capacity by X% in X years. We opened our newest park in 2021 after a 20-year restoration project that transformed a former Milton quarry into a greenspace teeming with life. With government and private sector funding, we have invested in lakeside boardwalks, high-traffic trails, and other recreation spaces to make our conservation areas more welcoming and accessible.

But this work is only the beginning. To meet demand and promise future generations the kinds of spaces and experiences in nature that all of us should get to enjoy, we need to do more to grow our greenprint today.

Over the next three years, Connected will help us fund important projects and initiatives in three priority areas: Parks and Greenspaces, Biodiversity and Resilience, and Education and Community.

*Lorem ipsum – research reference forthcoming