boating at Kelso
Whether you are looking to go canoeing, kayaking, pedalboating or standup paddle boarding, Kelso Lake is perfect place for a paddle. Kelso Lake is also a great spot to drop a line, with many varieties of fish.
Note: Only non-motorized boats are allowed on Kelso Lake.
Summer Boat Rental Hours

Mon-Sun 10am-6pm

*All boat rentals are 1 hour in length

Starting August 30, 2021 until mid September

Mon-Sun 10am-4pm

*All boat rentals are 1 hour in length

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Note: Conservation Halton has the right to cancel/close the boat rental operation at any time during inclement weather (thunder & lightning storms, high winds etc.) Customers will be contacted via email if boat rentals has to close. Full refunds on BOATS (not entrance) will be provided in the event we need to close boat rentals. 


Kelso Boat Rentals


Pedal Boat

2 Person Kayak

1 Person Kayak

Jr Kayak

Stand Up

Paddleboard (SUP)



$30 $30 $25 $22 $22 $22 $22









Masks are required when utilizing boat rental services, including when checking in at the boating building as well as when you enter and exit the craft on the beach area.
You must be at least 18 years of age and sign a rental agreement or have a parent/guardian sign an acknowledgement for use of equipment.
Rental Descriptions
  • Canoe: Fits up to 3 people. A canoe rental includes 3 Life Jackets, Safety Kit and 3 Paddles.
  • Pedal Boat: Fits up to 4 people. 2 adults in the front, 2 children (Under 60lbs) in the back. Includes 4 lifejackets & Safety Kit.
  • SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board): 1 person board. Includes 1 Life Jacket, 1 Paddle & Safety Kit.
  • Jr SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board): 1 person board sized for children under 5 foot. Includes 1 Life Jacket, 1 Paddle & Safety Kit.
  • Single Kayak: Fit for one person. Kayak includes 1 Life Jacket, Safety Kit & Kayak Paddle.
  • Jr Single Kayak: Fit for one child under 5 foot. Kayak includes 1 Life Jacket, Safety Kit & Kayak Paddle.
  • Double Kayak: Fit for two people. Double Kayak includes 2 Life Jackets, Safety Kit & 2 Kayak Paddles.



Rental hours are subject to change based on weather conditions and will be adjusted according to sunset, rental hours may be different than park hours.

boating at Mountsberg
Mountsberg is a perfect location for those looking for a quite, peaceful day of paddling or fishing. Visitors can access the reservoir from two locations: Mountsberg Conservation Area and the Mountsberg Dam. Smaller boats, such as canoes and kayaks can be launched from the shore at Mountsberg Conservation Area, but must be carried a short distance from the parking lot, or from the boat launch at Mountsberg Dam. Larger boats, must be launched from Mountsberg Dam.
Notes: Only non-motorized boats are allowed at Mountsberg, with the exception of electric trolling motors. No live bait permitted. The reservoir is divided by a live rail line, so access to the rail line is strictly prohibited

Rentals: Not available

Boating Etiquette & Safety

When boating, it’s important not to disturb wildlife or remove natural materials. Make sure to also observe Ontario’s new boating regulations and to wear approved floatation devices.


Transport Canada Boating Regulations