Carlisle Conservation Area


Located in Carlisle and owned by Conservation Halton, the Carlisle Conservation Area is in the early stages of a restoration project, which will include narrowing the section of Bronte Creek that runs through the area, constructing a number of small wetlands and planting native species to strengthen climate resilience. Conservation Halton is currently looking for community input on the project.


Carlisle Conservation Area is located at 1467 and 1441 Centre Road and was acquired by Conservation Halton. In the 1960s, Bronte Creek, which flows through the property, was widened, straightened, and dredged, which resulted in warmer water temperatures and greatly reduced quality of aquatic habitat throughout and downstream of this section. Conservation Halton has begun to explore options for restoring the natural environment in this area to enhance community and ecological resilience to climate change.

Public Consultation

Conservation Halton is currently in the public consultation phase of this project. The first opportunity for public consultation for this project is Fall 2022, and the second opportunity will be in Summer/Fall 2023. By participating in this public consultation, you will have the opportunity to share your current use of the study area and your perspective on the surrounding ecosystem. This study will be managed by Conservation Halton, in consultation with the City of Hamilton and residents.

How can you participate?

To participate, please fill out our public consultation survey:

(Please contact us if you would like to receive a printed survey in the mail with pre-paid return postage.)

How will we use your feedback?

The input we collect through public consultations will inform the preliminary designs for the restoration project. As a participant in the public consultation process, we will keep you informed, listen to your concerns and ideas and share how input was used.

Features & Opportunities

Existing Features

  • Bronte Creek Watershed
  • Greenbelt Plan – Natural Heritage System
  • نظام مدينة هاميلتون للتراث الطبيعي
  • Carlisle Wetland Complex Wetland of Significance

Potential Opportunities

  • Improve surface water quality and groundwater recharge
  • Improve aquatic habitat and riparian vegetation
  • Improve floodplain function
  • Improve the City of Hamilton’s Natural Heritage system
  • Increase climate resiliency

Restoration Project

This project was identified as a restoration priority in the Bronte Creek Watershed Study, 2002. The project outcomes could see the natural functions of the creek restored improving the overall quality of aquatic habitat and water quality and increased biodiversity in the floodplain. This project may involve using clean soil to narrow the channel, constructing small wetlands along the proposed banks, and the planting the area with native species that tolerant of wet ground conditions.

Funding for the design and partial construction of this project has been provided by Fisheries and Oceans Canada through their Canada Nature Fund.

Conservation Halton is actively pursuing additional funding opportunities to support the construction of the natural channel design in 2024.

No municipal tax revenues are proposed to be used for the initiative.

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