Meet the Raptors

Tucked away in the woods, the Mountsberg Raptor Centre is home to home to more than 15 species of birds of prey. Many of these birds have permanent injuries, often caused by human activity, which have left them incapable of surviving on their own in the wild. In addition to caring for these raptors, the Raptor Centre provides educational programs, so that people can learn more about birds of prey, how to share our environment with these birds and how to reduce our impacts on them. 

The Raptor Centre depends on donations, like those made through the Adopt a Raptor program, to keep these birds healthy and happy. By "adopting" one of the featured birds, symbolically, you can help pay for their food, healthcare, training, equipment and facilities. 

Click the photos to learn more about the birds and Adopt a Raptor today!


Pip the American Kestrelchomper great horned owlslate peregrine falconecho eastern screech owlpawgwa bald eaglebuzz turkey vulturetakenya red tailed hawkjazz barn owloctavius great horned owl