Adopt a Raptor


The Raptor Centre at Mountsberg Conservation Area has been providing educational and entertaining programs since 1994. We currently provide a home for more than 30 birds of prey from 15 different native Ontario species, many of whom have permanent injuries which have left them incapable of surviving on their own in the wild. Often, these injuries are caused by human activity, but with the help of these feathered ambassadors, you can learn about how to share our environment with native birds of prey, and how to reduce the negative impact we might have on them.

By symbolically adopting Slate, Chomper or one of the other 8 feature birds, you are helping to care for your favourite raptor. Your donation is used to pay for

  • food, veterinary care, and training to keep our birds healthy
  • new equipment and facilities at the Raptor Centre, and,
  • the purchase of important habitat areas.

Read through the bios and Adopt your Raptor today!