About Us

Your neighbourhood conservation authority, Conservation Halton, works to protect, restore and manage natural resources in your watershed from lake to escarpment. Our vision is to sustain a healthy watershed with clean streams, vigorous forests, abundant green space and balanced growth that results in strong livable communities.

Spanning (1000 Sq. Km) of land, 17 flowing creeks, approximately 26 km of Lake Ontario shoreline, extensive forest cover and 80 kilometres of Ontario’s Niagara Escarpment, our mandate is to create avenues for sustainable synergy between the natural world we live in and the 450,000 residents that make up the Conservation Halton watershed

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At any moment, our hallways are buzzing with ecologists, land use planners, engineers, foresters, educators, volunteers, interpretative instructors among other professional designations. Conservation Halton is also the largest youth employer in Halton, thanks in part to Glen Eden’s in-season staffing compliment. 

We remain transparent and accountable through vigorous auditing practices such as: 

  • Financial Statements
  • Board of Directors comprised of elected municipal councillors and citizen members 

Our areas of focus

Water Resources Management

Conservation Halton manages water resources using integrated, ecologically sound environmental practices to maintain secure supplies of clean water, to protect communities from flooding and erosion to ensure that environmental planning is an integral part of community development.

Forest Resources Management

Conservation Halton manages a large forest resource using sound sustainable forest management practices involving silviculture and wildlife habitat improvements which contribute to the health of the watershed’s natural environment.

Lifelong Education and Recreation

Conservation Halton creates educational and recreational experiences in natural environments that enrich the lives of people of all ages by instilling awareness and appreciation of the watershed’s natural heritage.