Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a whole new way to experience the Conservation Halton Parks, and with three different parks and 60 km of trails, ranging from recreational to technical, there’s something for everyone.

Hilton Falls

mountain biking at hilton falls

18 km of trails - (Click here to download the trail map.)

Hilton Falls has all the tight turns, rock sections and steep downhills you need to get your heart racing and blood pumping! Bent Rim Trail is a technical cycling trail perfect for advanced riders and Wandering Lynx Back Country Trail is a series of loops that will put your cardio to the test.
Trail Distance Difficulty
Bent Rim Trail (green) 5 km Advanced
Single Track Trail (blue) 7 km Intermediate
Wandering Lynx Back Country Trail (brown, watch for two-way traffic) 6.5 km Intermediate


mountain biking at kelso

30 km of trails - (Click here to download the trail map.)

Kelso’s Trail network will be closed for the next few weeks as we experience wet weather and freeze thaw cycles.
Our target re-opening date is December 21 (weather dependent), when our Winter Loop will be open for winter riding and hiking. The Winter Loop is the only maintained trail loop for the winter season. It is marked with signage on the trail posts. We appreciate your support, and the trails and other users thank you too!
Kelso is a premier mountain biking destinations in Ontario and has trails for all levels of mountain bikers, which is why the Kelso Weekly MTB Race Series is hosted at the park. Whether you are after a laidback ride with friends or an intense training session, Kelso is the perfect place for your two-wheeled adventure.

Kelso Trails will be open for during the winter too! Hiking and biking are permitted on the marked 6.3 km Winter Loop. The Winter Loop will open and close with the changes in weather, and status may change during the same day, based on trail conditions, as trails must be frozen and firm. The access gate on Steeles Road will act as the open or closed notification.


mountain biking at mountsberg

16 km of trails - (Click here to download the map.)

If you’re you’re looking for easier terrain through varied landscapes, then Mountsberg has the mountain bike trails for you! The Sugar Bush Trail has a wide gravel path that takes you through the sugar maples and out to an observation tower overlooking the Mountsberg reservoir.
Trail Distance Difficulty
Sugar Bush Trail 1.5 km Recreational
Lakeshore Lookout Trail 5.6 km Recreational
Pioneer Creek Trail 6.5 km Recreational

Mountain Bike Trail Safety 

  • Always wear a helmet! Skill level and trail difficulty do not determine if you crash. 
  • Make sure your bike is in safe operating condition to prevent injury and damage. 
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks in case your ride is longer than expected.
  • Always carry a spare tube and tools that will allow you to perform fixes on the trail. 
  • Use a map or an app to get familiar with the network of trails where you are going to ride. 
  • Be aware of daylight hours and distance from your vehicle, so you can back before dark. 


  • Always look and listen out for other bikers, as well as hikers, on the trails.   
  • Always ride on the right side of the trail, so that faster riders can pass safely.  
  • Ring your bell or use your voice to let others know that you are approaching.  
  • If you need to get off your bike and walk, stay to the side of the trail, so others can pass.  
  • When another rider indicates that they are passing, respond to let them know it is safe.  
  • Trying new trails and features is a great way to improve your skills but be reasonable.  


  • Always stay in control of your speed and technique for the safety of yourself and others.  
  • Ring your bell or use your voice to let others know that you are approaching.
  • Remember to pass on the left side of the trail and indicate your intention before you do so.   
  • When riding easier trails, yield to less experienced riders and give them a little space.
  • Do your best to be positive, supportive and cooperative with others on the trail.  

Mountain Bike Trail Etiquette 

  • Respect trail closures (conditions, maintenance, events) and only ride open trails.
  • Do not ride trails during or immediately after rain, as this causes damage to the trails.  
  • Don’t ride around puddles, as this widens the trail. Slow down and ride through them.
  • Stay on existing trails and do not modify or create new trails, including switchbacks.  
  • If you are not comfortable riding a feature, walk around it, so you don’t create a new trail.  
  • Make sure to give wildlife and companion animals enough time and space on the trail.  
  • Use caution around horses on the trail and ask the horserider for direction if uncertain.  

Book a Lesson

The trails are calling your name and there’s no better time to learn than now. Ready to pair up with an instructor from our team of mountain bike experts to introduce you to the trails, develop your skills, boost your confidence and guide you on epic rides? Click here to learn more about lessons.