Pack the bathing suit, sunscreen, sandals, and shades. Nothing says summer like a trip to the beach! If you’re looking to spend a fun day with family or friends, a warm and sunny beach is the perfect place. Take a dip in the cool, clean waters at Kelso Lake.

Where can I swim?


Kelso Swimming

The beach at Kelso has a designated swimming area that is lifeguard supervised.

Part of a 35-hectare lake, there is plenty of space to splash around with the kids, set up beach chairs, sunbathe on the sand, and play a game of beach volleyball. After your swim, grab a snack at the beach concession stand.

If you feel like exploring beyond the beach and swimming area, you can take a stroll along the boardwalk, try a boat rental, or go fishing.

Season: late spring and summer

Kelso Beach deemed unsafe for swimming

Kelso Beach has been deemed unsafe for swimming based on water quality testing results from Halton Region’s Beach Monitoring Program. Kelso Beach is still open and visitors can participate in other activities.

(Posted June 24, 2016 at 2 p.m.)

  Water quality is tested on a regular basis and this page is updated with results from www.halton.ca/beaches

Water levels lower than normal at Kelso 

Due to necessary repairs and infrastructure improvements on the Kelso Dam, the water levels in Kelso reservoir have been lowered. 

Once again in 2016 visitors to the Kelso Conservation Area will notice lower water levels and recreational activities within the Kelso reservoir such as boating and swimming, will be impacted to some degree this summer. As a result of the lower water levels, the supervised swimming area along the beach has been moved towards the boardwalk to enable better access to the water.

(posted June 13, 2016)