Planning & Permits

Conservation Halton (CH) strives to:

  • protect life and property from natural hazards such as flooding and erosion,
  • prevent environmental degradation and loss of significant natural features and their ecological and hydrological functions, and
  • prevent pollution of natural features and watercourses.

CH does this in two ways. First, CH provides planning services to provincial agencies (click here to see Niagara Escarpment map), municipalities, and landowners throughout its watersheds (click here to see Conservation Halton Watershed map). Second, under Ontario Regulation 162/06, CH regulates:

  • all development in or adjacent to river or stream valleys, wetlands, shorelines or hazardous lands;
  • alterations to a river, creek, stream or watercourse; and
  • interference with wetlands.

Permission is required from CH for undertaking any works in or adjacent to watercourses, river or stream valleys, lands adjacent or close to the shoreline for Lake Ontario, other natural hazards such as karst, and wetlands and surrounding lands where development could interfere with the hydrologic function of a wetland.