Natural Connections

Natural Connections was a collaborative outreach and engagement initiative between Conservation Halton and FutureWatch EDEP aimed at connecting new communities in Halton to their precious natural surroundings. These connections served as starting points to discuss social integration and local environmental issues, programs, services and opportunities. This initiative wasdesigned to engage residents through a social, two-way dialogue that focuses as much on introducing residents to local conservation and recreation programs as it does on learning from their diverse perspectives on the environment.

Natural Connections was a multi-faceted project with several programs which spanned over the Halton watershed. With the help of multiple organizations and the financial support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Natural Connections promoted environmental engagement at many levels in the community: to families, to diverse newcomer communities, and to internationally-trained trades-people and professionals.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation funding came to an end in 2014, however there are initiatives which Conservation Halton will continue to operate:

  • New Canadians Conservation Course (April 14 to May 19)
  • New Communities Environmental Clubs